Supplier Diversity Programs

Lockheed Martin is committed to the development of small businesses through outreach programs to provide opportunities as well as partnerships. Learn more about these programs and how they may assist when partnering with Lockheed Martin. Please be sure to follow up using the contact buttons below and share your success story.


Lockheed Martin is a proud supporter of the AbilityOne Program,  a federal initiative to help people who are blind or severely disabled find employment by working for nonprofit agencies that sell products and/or services to the U.S. government. In 1938, Congress created the program to enable agencies serving people who were blind to sell products to the federal government.  By 1971, the original Act was amended to permit people with other severe disabilities to also benefit.

Through the AbilityOne Program, the Federal Government annually procures more than $2 billion in goods and services.  Services include:

  • Ground maintenance
  • Document management
  • Administrative services
  • Facility management
  • Office supplies
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Laundry services
  • Digital imaging
  • IT data processing
  • Mailroom operations


How to Partner with Lockheed Martin

  1. It is important to first have a general understanding of the AbilityOne program, how it works and determine if your firm is eligible to participate. Entities must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency in order to qualify.  Go to the AbilityOne government web site to learn about the program.

  2. Submit information in the Supplier Marketing Portal about your company.   

  3. If you have a specific area of interest for business opportunities, send an e-mail here containing a brief description of your firm’s capabilities and the area of interest within Lockheed Martin here. (Do not send proprietary, export controlled, confidential or classified information.)


Identify AbilityOne Approved Businesses

To identify approved AbilityOne businesses, visit the Central Contractor Registration (CCR), select “Search” and check the ”AbilityOne (formerly JWOD) Non-Profit Agency” box.

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Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Institutions

Lockheed Martin Corporation is assisting Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Minority Institutions (MIs), and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) through subcontracting opportunities, technology transfer, cooperative education programs, and other collaborative initiatives. These initiatives assist us in meeting our DOD goals and allow our scientist and engineers to advance new technology.

HBCUs/MIs and TCUs are often untapped resources where mutual technology interest can produce valued partnerships for Lockheed Martin, our small business suppliers and the community. It strengthens the infrastructure of participating institutions and provides opportunities for increased numbers of underrepresented minorities studying, graduating, and pursuing advanced degrees and careers in the fields of science, engineering, and mathematics.

How to Partner with Lockheed Martin

  1. Learn about us. Lockheed Martin partners with HBCU/MIs and TCUs through various Federal and internal programs. The first step is to become knowledgeable with Lockheed Martin products and services by visiting the Lockheed Martin web site and identifying synergies between your institute’s and Lockheed Martin’s capabilities.
  2. Send an e-mail containing any questions you may have about how we work with HBCU/MI educational institutions.
  3. Visit the Mentor Protege and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program sections to learn more about how Lockheed Martin participates in specific government outreach programs that promote HBCU/MI partnerships.

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Indian Incentives Program

Lockheed Martin is committed to the development of Native American and Indian-owned small businesses through the Indian Incentives Program. The Department of Defense Indian Incentive Program applies to all Lockheed Martin Corporation programs seeking reimbursement on open DOD contracts and subcontracts exceeding $550,000 for procurements placed with federally recognized Indian-owned suppliers.

About the Indian Incentives Program

Administrated by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Small Business Programs Office, the Indian Incentive Program makes every effort to provide added value to the government, in that, this program is funded independently by the OSD and is not supported by the funds of the contracting agency.

These contracts require contractors to use their best efforts to give Indian organizations and Indian-owned economic enterprises the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in subcontracts awarded to the fullest extent consistent with efficient performance of the contract(s). Contracting officers, subject to the terms and conditions of the contract, shall authorize an incentive payment of five percent of the amount paid to subcontractors that are Indian organizations or Indian-owned economic enterprise.

How to work with Lockheed Martin

  1. It is important to first have a general understanding of the program, how it works and determine if your firm is eligible to participate. Go to the DOD Indian Incentives Program website for details and review FAR 52.226-1.

  2. Market your firm and capabilities by completing the Supplier Marketing Portal profile.  

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Mentor Protégé Program

Lockheed Martin is committed to the development of small businesses through the Mentor Protégé rogram. Through this federal program, Lockheed Martin seeks to establish successful long-term relationships with eligible small business concerns. The Mentor Protégé Program is a government outreach program designed to encourage large defense contractors to develop technical and business capabilities of small disadvantaged businesses to enable them to compete more effectively for defense-related work.  



DOD Agency

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Marvin Engineering Air Force

Lockheed Martin RMS

Archarithms, Inc.
Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone)



Over the past years, Lockheed Martin has developed many successful partnerships through the Mentor Protégé Program and has won multiple Nunn Perry Awards; the Department of Defense’s top recognition for outstanding teamwork.


How to Partner with Lockheed Martin:

It is important to first have a general understanding of the federal programs, how they work and if your firm is eligible to participate. Visit some of the links provided to find a listing of Mentor Protégé programs.

If your firm qualifies for the federal program, the next step is to determine if you are a good match for partnering with Lockheed Martin. We generally seek potential protégés who meet the following criteria: 

  • Have a common shared vision, goals and complement Lockheed Martin products and services
  • A long-standing supplier partner to Lockheed Martin or have a specific technical niche or strategic opportunityProven operations and financial stability (note: Lockheed Martin requires a needs assessment, which a firm will be asked to supply financial information prior to any agreement is submitted)
  • Have the resources available to commit to a potential three-year program
  • If an IT company, Lockheed Martin generally requires security clearance 

If you feel you are a good match for Lockheed Martin, send an e-mail here containing a brief description of your firm's capabilities, business size and how your firm meets the criteria listed above.

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Congratulations to the Lockheed Martin & Marvin Engineering Team for their Recognized Excellence -
Winners of the 2019 Nunn-Perry Award!  

Benefits of the Mentor Protégé Program

The Mentor Protégé Program fosters the establishment of business relationships between protégés, mentors and the customer.

 Program benefits include the following:

  • Builds strategic partner relationships
  • Enhances technical capabilities of mentor and protégé
  • Allows for awarding of non-competitive subcontracts / purchase orders to the protégé
  • Provides for faster insertion of new technology to the customer
  • Expands base of innovative and qualified small businesses
  • Increases accomplishment of small business program goals
  • Establishes qualified sources at more competitive prices
  • Allows for potential joint venture opportunities


The men and women who have served in our nation's military understand first-hand the unique needs of our customers. I’m proud that we’ve done more than $1.5 billion in business with veteran-owned small businesses over the past two years, and I look forward to continuing our partnerships for many years to come.
-- Marillyn A. Hewson , Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Lockheed Martin Corporation.

At Lockheed Martin, we are committed to providing veterans with business and training opportunities when they no longer wear the uniform. Discover some of the programs Lockheed Martin has to offer to veteran owned firms:


Webinars, Training & Events Dedicated to Veteran-Owned Businesses

Lockheed Martin offers webinars and chat sessions throughout the year targeted for Veteran and Service Disabled Veteran Small Businesses. In addition, Lockheed Martin hosts and sponsors various training sessions for veteran firms. Submit your company information in the Supplier Marketing Portal for consideration of invitation when these targeted events are held. 


Veteran Institute of Procurement (VIP) Training

Lockheed Martin is a proud sponsor of The Veteran Institute for Procurement (VIP), the first-ever program to train veteran small business owners to succeed in the federal contracting market. Lockheed Martin employee John Zuccaro helped found this program which Lockheed Martin continues to advocate and support the program.


Mentor Protégé Program and 101 Training

Lockheed Martin has multiple active agreements with veteran and service disabled veteran owned small business firms through the Mentor Protégé program.  Program support includes developmental opportunities through our 101 protégé training.


Join the Lockheed Martin Employee Discount Program

Lockheed Martin has expanded its employee discount program to include a section dedicated to discounts from veteran-owned businesses. The internal site is available to Lockheed Martin employees and retirees and offers a variety of corporate discounts for products and services ranging from appliances and apparel to software and travel.

The program is free to firms offering discounts. Participants can choose to offer discounts through a variety of options, including internet code, coupon or flyer. The requirements are that the discounts should be at the national level, versus local, since the Lockheed Martin’s workforce spans more than 400 U.S. sites, and international locations. Businesses should also not be home-based direct sellers or owned or operated by a Lockheed Martin employee or mortgage lender firms.

How to Participate in the Employee Discount Program

Please provide the following information:

  1. Business name and address
  2. Veteran business: Yes or No
  3. Does your business offer national level discounts (i.e., purchase product or service via  website)? Yes or No
  4. DUNS number
  5. Type of business
  6. Brief description of the offering and pertinent information
  7. Is the discount available for International employees? Yes or No
  8. Contact name, phone number, e-mail address
  9. Website URL
  10. Send the completed information here

Disclaimer Notice: Lockheed Martin Corporation disclaims all liability for damage or injury resulting from acts of omissions, fraud, or misrepresentation of these suppliers. All advertisements are expected to comply with the "Truth in Advertising Law" and other pertinent regulations within the continental United States.