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Welcome to the Vendor Invoice Processor training page. This page will provide you with Internet Based Training lessons designed to enhance your understanding of the VIP system.


Lockheed Martin's enterprise-wide implementation of the new Procure-to-Pay (LMP2P) suite of systems enables organizations to access Lockheed Martin's eBusiness functions through the Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG). The VIP system is one of the applications that utilizes Exostar and the LMP2P portal.


How do I get access to VIP?

In order to use VIP you must first be given access to Exostar or the LMP2P portal depending on your VIP role. Below are the VIP roles than can be assigned:

There are seven roles that exists within VIP, each of which are described below:



Labor Biller

This role is used by someone who will invoice Lockheed Martin (LM) for their personnel hours worked on a specific Purchase Order (PO) or Subcontract.

Miscellaneous Cost Biller

This role is used by a supplier's representative who will invoice non-labor costs to LM associated with a specific PO or Subcontract.


This role is used by the person who is designated to approve either a Labor invoice (created by a Labor Biller), or a Miscellaneous Cost invoice (created by a Miscellaneous Cost Biller).

LM Point of Contact   (POC)

This role is LM's representative who performs the VIP system administration for a Purchase Order or Subcontract.

Data Entry

An optional role which performs the submission of claims on behalf of the billing account owner for labor and/or miscellaneous claims.

LM Reporting

This role has the same reporting capabilities as the LM POC but can not perform system maintenance.

Supplier Invoice Reporting

A Supplier Representative requiring access to VIP reporting functions such as the "VIP Invoice Report."  This role is someone who will need to reconcile invoice payments, etc for their business.


The Contracting Representative for your employer will initiate access through Exostar. Once this occurs, an administrator (LM POC) will also grant you access to LMP2P/Portal/SSO Gateway and VIP. Lockheed Martin employees who need access to VIP will be given access to the LMP2P Portal/SSO Gateway and VIP.

The website link for Exostar will provide you training documentatioin to first get you access to Exostar. Once you enter the Exostar website, to the right will be "Resource Links" available for your review. Documents that are considered a priority to review are: MAG First Time Login Guide, MAG Adming Training Companion Guide, Organization Registration Guide and FAQ. However, it is recommended that you read all Resource Links if possible. Click here for the Exostar website.

In addition to the above website link for training documentation, the VIP team has also provided two documents to assist with Exostar and LMP2P Portal/SSO Gateway access training.

Helpful Links

Internet Based Training

This section will provide you with Internet Based Training (IBT's) lessons designed to enhance your understanding of the VIP system.

In addition to learning about VIP there is a lesson for suppliers about accessing VIP via Exostar and a lesson for LM employees accessing VIP via the LMP2P Portal. These processes will be explained in the "How do I get Access to VIP" section.

Please note: All of the lessons contain audio, ensure your speakers are on; however, you do not need the audio to complete the lessons. At the bottom of every page in the lessons is a navigation bar that will allow you to navigate through the lessons. At the end of most of the lessons is a 'Try It' button. 'Try It' will allow you the opportunity to practice the lessons you have just reviewed.

Should you wish to view the entire screen during a less, simply click on the "X" located at the top right hand corner of the Contents page.

Below are the training modules that will explain how to perform all of the tasks for the Biller, Data Entry, Approver, and Supplier Invoice Reporting in VIP.

Biller and Data Entry IBT Modules:

Approver IBT Modules

Supplier Invoice Reporting (SIR) IBT Modules