• How do I find my reservation on the CLE Key? You can locate your reservation from the Discover or My Stay pages on the app!
  • How do I check in with my CLE Key? Click ‘Find Reservation’ on the Discovery or My Stay page, enter your last name and confirmation number and follow the check in prompts
  • Is there a fee for the CLE Key? There is no cost for the CLE Key
  • Is my credit card saved on the CLE Key? No, your credit card is not saved or stored on the app. It is obtained through the technology medium used to book your reservation (i.e., Concur, Web Reservation Tool or Phone Reservation), tokenized and then stored in a PCI compliant environment.
  • Can I share my CLE Key on another phone? The CLE Key is not transferrable, once you check in on the app that is the single point access for your digital CLE Key.
  • What happens if my Bluetooth settings are turned off? If your Bluetooth setting is disabled you will not be able to use the CLE Key to open your door. For iOS, you must ensure your Operating system level and application level Bluetooth settings are turned on.
    • For iOS
      Operating system Level: Settings->Bluetooth-> Toggle Bluetooth to On Application level: Settings->Locate the CLE Key App by scrolling to it->Toggle Bluetooth to On
    • For Android
      Settings->Bluetooth->Tap or Swipe to enable Bluetooth
  • What if my phone dies and I can’t access my room? If your phone dies please contact the front desk, they will create a hard copy key for you.
  • What if I left my phone in the room and I am locked out? Go to the Front Desk for assistance, they can create a key for you to access your room.
  • Can I order room service through the CLE Key? Not at this time but we hope to have more capabilities for contactless services made available to you in the future.
  • Can I make a reservation on the CLE Key? You can only look up your existing reservation, all reservations must be made through Concur, the Web Reservation Tool or via phone.
  • Need directions to the CLE? Click on My Stay page in your CLE Key app and Google Maps will link to your location. You will need location services to be enabled on your smart device.
  • How do I check out? Check out is at 12PM, you will receive a reminder notification 2 hours prior to check out. Click on MyStay then ‘Check Out’ option should appear, follow the prompts to complete your check out. A copy of your lodging folio and receipt will be emailed to you by end of the day.
  • When will I receive my folio? After check-out a copy of your folio charges will be sent to you by the end of the day.
  • What if I forget to check out? No other actions are required for check out, if you would like a hard copy of your receipt please see the Front Desk agent to print a copy for you.
  • Additional questions about the CLE or services available? Check out the Discover page on your CLE Key App or call the Front Desk Team, 301-581-7000