Advanced Aeronautics

“There has never been a sensation more soul-satisfying than the first flight of a new design; no field of endeavor half so fascinating as the challenge of each new secret of flight.” – Glenn L. Martin

The story of aviation has always been the story of people who have the courage to fail, to try again and to one day succeed. Since Lockheed Martin’s inception and continuing today, the passion to advance aeronautical design and help our customers achieve mission success has been ingrained in our culture. It is that passion combined with a strategic focus on ever changing global challenges that shapes our path forward.

As the world continues to evolve, so do we. And maintaining a competitive advantage in an austere budget environment demands revolutionary, not evolutionary approaches.

Revolutionary approaches begin by asking the right questions:

  • Could we use hypersonic, fuel cell and sensor technologies to launch a satellite into space, in turn, cutting time to orbit and the cost of operations in half?
  • How can we improve the human-machine interface using data analytics and biomimicry?
  • What combination of materials, apertures and radio frequencies ensure our fighter jets survive in enemy territory?
  • How can we build things faster, better and more affordably, and ensure they meet quality and safety standards?

Through our advanced solutions we’re answering these questions and making the seemingly impossible a reality for the armed forces of today, the research labs focused on tomorrow, and other civilian and commercial programs worldwide.