Buellton Advanced Materials

Electron Beam (With Flip Tool)

QC Product Inspection

Parabola Metallization

PVD Coating Line

Specialized Tooling (360 Degree Coverage)

Large Area Coatings (High Volume/Large Parts)

Large Area Coatings

Buellton Advanced Materials PVD Coatings

Electron Beam

Our chambers have multi-hearth sources allowing for multiple materials to be deposited without having to break vacuum to atmosphere and to be applied in one continuous process. Specialized chambers allow 360 degree coating coverage, also equipment setup with specialized tooling to allow for coating of two sided substrates without breaking vacuum. BAM's larger coaters are setup with 5 and 6 electron beam guns respectively for large area highly uniform coating coverage.

Thermal Evaporation

Utilizing a resistance heater to melt the material and raise its vapor pressure to a useful range. Useful for materials that may disassociate using electron beam deposition - such as ZnS, YF3.


Our sputter tools are configured to deposit  up to three material types per coating run without breaking vacuum, providing the best quality of film stack. BAM has a dedicated Indium Tin-Oxide tool that can deposit highly optically transparent ITO onto plastic as low as 15 ohm's/square and at near ambient temperatures, allowing us to apply this type of film without distorting or damaging the plastic.

General Coating Capabilities


Substrates: Kapton, multilayer flex
Typical uses: EMI/RFI Shielding - Emissivity
Typical coatings: VDA (vapor deposited aluminum) & VDG (vapor deposited gold)

Ceramic Metallization

Typical ceramics: AlO, AlN, BeO
Typical metals: Adhesion layer: Chromium, Titanium, Titanium-Tungsten,
                     Barrier layer: Nickel, Platinum
                     Conductor layer: Gold, Copper, Silver

Eutectic and Solder Metallization

Au/Sn, In/Cu, Au/Ge, In
Others inquire

Rigid: Composite/Plastics

Typical substrates: Astroquartz, PEEK, ULTEM
Typical uses: EMI/RFI Shielding - Emissivity
Typical coatings: VDA (vapor deposited aluminum) & VDG (vapor deposited gold)

TCO: Transparent Conductive Oxides

Standard material: ITO (Indium Tin-Oxide)
Typical substrates: Glass / Plastics
Range of resistance:  <10 Ω/ □ – 500 Ω/ □   (15 Ω/ □  on plastic)

Compound Curves and 360° Wrap Around Coated Parts

Typical substrates: No typical substrates (non-symmetrical shapes)
Uniformity: BAM Proprietary processes and unique fixturing offer superior uniformity as compared to standard TF processes.  

Optical Coatings

Wavelengths: SWIR - LWIR typical 1 – 14µm (2016 / 2017 Capability)