R&D Prototype

Research and development tool for sputter, co-sputtering and reactive sputtering. Utilize this tool for material studies or coating development.
Specialized coating chamber for depositing uniform coatings on non-planar parts. Example showing Ion pre-clean prior to applying patterned metal coating on quartz tubes.

Production Scale Up

Electron beam flip-tool coating chamber provided front-to-back metallization without breaking vacuum. This is an ideal process for buss-bar applications and high reliability requirement
High throughput ambient temperature Transparent Conductive Oxide coating. Ideal for applications of ITO on Polymer or glass substrates. Ambient ITO with a high optical transmission (85% T avg.) @ 15Ω/Sq. Sheet resistance.

Large Area/Surface Coating

With chamber sizes up to 8’ in diameter BAM can coat onto large parts or higher quantity parts per run perfect for scaling from prototype to production quantities.
BAM’s Hybridized large area coater offers both electron beam and sputter / reactive sputter capabilities. This chamber compliments our smaller chamber when scaling up from either ebeam or sputter this is a true production tool. The custom barrel can optically coat or metallize up to a quantity of 48 – 200mm wafers per run.

Vapor Deposited Aluminum/Vapor Deposited Gold

Experienced process coating capabilities to support your VDA, VDG, or Static Dissapative/RF trasmissive coating needs
BAM offers thin film coating services that discriminate us and set us apart from our competition. Our roll-to-roll (R2R) coatings can be performed depositing metals or dielectrics single or mulit-layer stacks onto a variety of material types.