Analytics Services

Lockheed Martin is offering a range of data analytics services to C-130 operators designed to enhance overall fleet operations by improving readiness and reducing costs.

Intelligent Diagnostics

Lockheed Martin’s C-130J’s integrated diagnostic capability is a product of OEM system knowledge and experience. This capability improves flight line fault isolation and prevents unnecessary maintenance. Intelligent diagnostics advances this capability by incorporating machine learning technology into the closed loop system that combines all sensor data, recommended repairs, maintainer decisions and vendor corrective action reports to improve the accuracy of initial fault isolation, minimize maintenance downtime and reduce costs.

Fleet Management

Using in-depth analyses of maintenance, sensor, flight profile and repair data, our fleet management service provides operations/maintenance decision makers unprecedented insight into system health at the fleet, aircraft, system, subsystem and line replaceable unit (LRU) levels. Combining the probability of failure information and a range of tailorable attributes, this service provides actionable information for efficient and cost-effective fleet management.

Scheduled Maintenance Optimization

Through the use of optimization algorithms, Lockheed Martin Scheduled Maintenance Optimization service improves the sequence of individual tasks within a scheduled maintenance event, as well as the overall flow of scheduled events for an individual or fleet of aircraft to minimize total downtime for scheduled maintenance.

Spare Optimization: Just-In-Time Sparing

Leveraging LRU probability of failure data, sensor and operations data, Lockheed Martin Spares Optimization services goal is to improve readiness and reduce costs by providing the actionable information that results in the correct number of spares in the correct locations to support worldwide fleet operations.

DFDR Analysis

As an alternative to the Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) download/analysis capability provided through the C-130J Data Transfer and Diagnostic System (DTADS), Lockheed Martin is prepared to provide an alternative approach which would include the combination of vendor software/hardware (L-3 ROSE/PI), Lockheed Martin technical data and engineering support. Based on customer interest, this capability will be available in mid-2019.

Fleet Management Dashboard
Fleet Management Dashboard

LRU Level Analysis
LRU Level Analysis

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