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Enhanced Cargo Handling System (ECHS) Lock Tester

Lockheed Martin has developed an Enhanced Cargo Handling System (ECHS) Lock Tester based on Lockheed Martin’s own production-quality test equipment, featuring a robust design with an annual calibration interval. Best of all, this improved ECHS Lock Tester can be recalibrated locally in the operators’ Precision Measuring Equipment Laboratory (PMEL).

The ECHS Lock Tester is self-contained with everything needed to conduct calibrated force measurements (as displayed on the Multi-Functional Control Display located on the Load Masters Station) and to confirm the required maximum release force (Duck Out) of individual cargo locks as specified in your scheduled maintenance program. Ensuring accurate “Duck Out” force is a safety-critical test intended to ensure that individual locks will perform correctly in the case of an ECHS failure.

When re-calibration is required, the PMEL can use the special adapter included in the kit along with commonly available test equipment to re-calibrate the Lock Tester and quickly return it to service.

The ECHS Lock Tester is packaged in a rugged case and includes detailed instructions on the operation of the ECHS Lock Tester, re-calibration instructions, and a detailed parts listing which includes both the ECHS Lock Tester and the required re-calibration equipment.

As an option, Lockheed Martin has a fully self-contained Calibration Kit, which eliminates the need for procuring standard equipment locally.


Eight months after receipt of order.

ECHS Lock Tester Kit Contents
ECHS Lock Tester Kit Contents

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