Support Services

Lockheed Martin is offering new support services to C-130 operators that provide several benefits to operations and maintenance.

Support Equipment Validation Service

C-130 operators have a wide variety of proven pieces of aircraft support equipment (SE) to choose from to help maintain their fleet. In many cases, there is an upgraded or new piece of SE that was not originally required, but which will save the operator maintenance time and improve availability.

Lockheed Martin is offering a service to get SE validated and approved for use on the C-130. The concept is:

  1. Customer and Lockheed Martin identify the SE needed to maintain the airplane.
  2. Customer purchases the actual SE hardware directly from available suppliers, providing the customer multiple procurement options—potential cost savings.
  3. Customer purchases the Lockheed Martin SE Service and Lockheed Martin conducts the equipment compatibility test (with the customer furnished equipment) and generates the new job guide and/or fault isolation procedures for use on the C-130 aircraft. The end result is that your fleet now has the new SE along with the LM-approved documentation to use it.

Diagnostic Site Visit (DSV) Service

This Lockheed Martin exclusive service provides on-site expert consultation and direct access to maintenance improvement opportunities. DSVs provide the customer maintenance community an opportunity for direct interaction with two C-130 experts with experience in: aircraft fault detection/ isolation, Maintenance Management System (MMS) (currently Data Transfer and Diagnostic System (DTADS)) and maintenance manuals. DSVs bring the experience to your operational location.

DSVs include:

  • Two subject matter experts (SME) visit for five business days and support of multiple shifts if desired.
  • In-brief to the commander or maintenance leadership to give an overview of the itinerary during the DSV.
  • Review of customer’s CONOPS, maintenance operations, and use of the MMS.
  • Interface with lead technicians and maintainers who operate the MMS (DTADS, fault isolation manuals, job guide procedures, etc.).
  • Post-visit evaluation and incorporation of efficiencies, improvements or corrections into scheduled Technical Publications updates. Once back at Lockheed Martin, all suggestions for maintenance improvements are evaluated and dispositioned, resulting in an average of 10-12 improvements incorporated per DSV. This is a rapid way to obtain technical manual enhancements.
  • Trip report will be provided with a summary of the visit and action items/results.


Don Jordan
+1 (770) 494-5165