Hercules Operators Conference

2015 HOC Presentations

19 - 22 October 2015, Atlanta GA

Links to presentations from the 2015 Hercules Operators Council (HOC) are provided below.  The files are each protected with a password.  The password will be emailed to the email address you used when you registered for the HOC.  If you attended the HOC and have not received the password by email, please contact the Enterprise Operations Center by email at hercules.support@lmco.com

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Note: Presentations are listed by the day of the conference and the order presented.

Monday October 19, 2015

08:00 Keynote Speaker Tony Frese, Vice President & Deputy Program Manager, C-130 Programs, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
08:30 C-130 Affordability Initiatives Chuck Hybart, Lockheed Martin
09:00 Sustainment Initiatives: Managing Am for an Affordable, Available Fleet, Duane Szalwinski, Lockheed Martin
09:15 50 Years of Hercules Continued Airworthiness 1965-2015 Grant Little, Lockheed Martin
09:30 Aircraft Structural Integrity Program: Tech Order Analysis and Comparison Vince Barker, Lockheed Martin
10:15 European Maintenance Symposium Lt Col Robin Schoonen, RNLAF
11:00 Increasing Internal Fuel Storage Peter Neumeier, Lockheed Martin
11:30 Monitoring the Structural Integrity of the RCAF C-130J Fleet Skip Ellsworth, Lockheed Martin
11:45 Lockheed Martin’s International Training Center Roberta Jameson, Lockheed Martin

13:00 NAVAIR C-130 Update Ray Waldbusser, NAVAIR
13:15 Special Mission Applications Mike Miller, Lockheed Martin
13:30 Optimizing C-130 Propulsion MRO One-Stop Shop Marc Wittingen, StandardAero
13:45 C-130 Products Kaan Tuncel, Derco Aerospace
14:00 Status Update: T56 Series 3.5 Engine Enhancement Program Christopher Culp, Rolls-Royce
14:15 C-130 Center of Excellence Chee Weng Hwee, ST Aerospace
14:30 Ice Shield Enlargement Sustainment Kit Ace Clemmer, Lockheed Martin
14:45 Engine Maintenance Procedures for Aircraft Operating in Corrosive Environments Peter Hodgell, Lockheed Martin
15:15 Single Pass Precision Airdrop Andrew Bennett, Lockheed Martin
15:30 Global Supply Chain Services Hologram Products Program Andrew Schram, Lockheed Martin
15:45 C-130 System by the Hour Guy Breault, Derco Aerospace
16:00 Integrated Sensor and Weapon Systems for the C-130 Tim Cronin, Raytheon

Wednesday October 21, 2015

08:00 New, Recertified Engine & Airframe Parts Noreen Kabra, Rockwell Collins
08:15 What Can a Commercial Herk Do for You? Ethan Bradford, Lynden Air Cargo
08:30 Successful Sustainability Dennis Winslow, Win-Tech, Inc.
08:45 Reducing Hercules Operators’ Radar Life Cycle Costs Steve Carlson, Rockwell Collins
09:00 C-130/L-100 Low Cost, High Impact Upgrades James Zentner, Astronautics Corp. of America
09:15 Mitigating Heat Injuries and Improving Efficiencies For Aircraft Maintenance and Flight Line Personnel Freddie Brock, Power Breezer
09:50 Keynote Speaker Dave Andrew, CEO, Rest of the World Airlines & Leasing Division, ASL Aviation Group
10:15 Blue Box Program Michel Dussault, Group DCM
10:30 C-130 Sustainment Support from OEMs Padma Ragunathan, Aero Precision
10:45 Innovating the C-130 Through Roll-on/Roll-Off Systems Aircraft Installations/Upgrades and Support Equipment Michael Knight, Knight Aerospace Products
11:00 Medical Operations Using Roll-On/Roll-Off Platforms Dr. Craig Manifold, Knight Aerospace Medical
11:15 L100-20 Shipment Marco Espanhol, OGMA
11:30 C-130 Safety Systems: Weather Radar, EGPWS and TCAS Keld Christensen, Honeywell Defense & Space
11:45 The Spirit of Innovation ® Ray Chapman, Elbit Systems of America

13:00 AIMS-HD: See What You’re Missing Larry Embleton, CarteNav Solutions
13:15 CADRG Chart Conversion Wesley Smith, Jeppeson
13:30 Moving Map & Aeronautical Charts Erik Anderson, Anderson Engineering & Design
13:45 Open Architecture for VSAT Antenna Integration Trisha Kinman, iDirect Government
14:00 Advanced Technology for Aerospace Fastener Removal Tommy Nelms, Perfect Point EDM
14:15 Development of Explosion Suppression Foam William Hughes, Crest Foam Industries/INOAC
14:30 Mission/Flight Planning System Software Dan Grose, JACOBS Technology
15:00 Tailored Aeronautics Engineering Grégoire Meier/Doug Cappel, Aerospeed
15:15 Polycon New Generation Wireless Intercom System Brett Gardner, Becker Avionics/Axnes, Inc.
15:30 C-130 Fall Protection Solutions Lawrence, Mathew & Randy White L.G. White Safety Corporation

Thursday October 22, 2015

08:05 Keynote Speaker Scott Gray, Major General (USAF, Ret.) Former Director, Global Reach Programs, USAF HQ Office of the Assistant Secretary for Acquisition
08:30 Australia C-130J Fleet: A Changing Capability John Longrigg, Airbus Group Australia Pacific
08:45 Modular Gravity Flow Retardant Delivery System Wayne Coulson, Coulson Aviation
09:00 New C-130 Wheels and Brakes Andy Riess, UTC Aerospace Systems
09:15 Mark IV Antiskid Brake Control System for C-130 Legacy Randy Williams, Crane Aerospace
09:30 Tablet Interface Module for Electronic Flight Bags Gary Moore, UTC Aerospace Systems
09:45 C-130 preTOLD ™ Calculator & Training Kevin Halpin, Elite Electronic Engineering
10:00 C-130 ISR/Strike Dan Colvin, L-3 Wescam
10:30 Commercial Technologies for the C-130 Community Tom Innocenti, Teledyne Controls
10:45 C-130 Systems Test Equipment Jim Roughneen, Howell Instruments
11:00 Propeller Modernization Update: 54H60 Electronic Control System and NP2000 Propellers  Rob Schechtman, UTC Aerospace Systems
11:15 Next Generation HUD Systems Henrik Näslund, Saab Avionics Systems
11:30 At the Edge of the Internet: The C-130 Broadband Cabin Experience Paul Kramer, ViaSat, Inc.
11:45 QNA Advancements in Aircraft Armor Paul Paolillo/Joseph Malone, QinetiQ
12:00 International Flight Logistics Made Easy Nathan Lee, Spire Flight Solutions
12:15 C-130 Modernization Experience Hulusi Ali Kasap, Turkish Aerospace Industries