Hercules Operators Conference

2016 HOC Presentations

17 - 20 October 2016, Atlanta GA

Links to presentations from the 2016 Hercules Operators Council (HOC) are provided below.  The files are each protected with a password.  The password will be emailed to the email address you used when you registered for the HOC.  If you attended the HOC and have not received the password by email, please contact the Enterprise Operations Center by email at hercules.support@lmco.com

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Note: Presentations are listed by the day of the conference and the order presented.

Monday October 17, 2016

08:30 Keynote Speaker Tony Frese, Vice President, Domestic Programs, Air Mobility & Maritime Missions, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
09:15 European Maintenance Symposium Major Tom Schepers, Belgian Defense
09:30 Service Centers Rik Van Den Haute, Sabena Aerospace
10:00 NAVAIR C-130 Update Ray Waldbusser, NAVAIR
10:30 ST Aerospace - Center Wing Replacement Andrew Ang, ST Aerospace
11:00 C-130 System by the Hour (SBtH) Guy Breault, Derco Aerospace
11:30 First Block Upgrade by a Service Center Ben Boehm, Cascade Aerospace
11:45 Integrated Sensor and Weapon Systems for the C-130 Craig Maunus, Raytheon
12:00 Heavy Maintenance Integrated Procedures to Reduce Pressurization Leaks: Going From 56 to 85 Seconds Daniel Pereira, OGMA SA

13:00 Keynote Speaker Tim Ryan, Director, Sustainment Operations Air Mobility & Maritime Missions, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
13:30 Lockheed Martin C-130T Cockpit Upgrade: Successful SW Reuse Story John Olsen, Lockheed Martin RMS
14:00 Lockheed Martin’s Hercules Training Center Roberta Jameson, Lockheed Martin RMS
14:30 UK RAF/HIOS Sqn Ldr Nick Fieldhouse, Royal Air Force, Flt Lt Paul Allen, Royal Air Force,
14:30 MADG Jonathan Ager, Marshall Aerospace & Defense Group
15:15 Sustaining Hercules Omid Naghshineh, DIMO Corp.
15:30 Wildfire Warfare – Employing Technology Using Coulson RADS-XXL Wayne Coulson, Coulson Aviation USA
15:45 Tablet Interface Module for Electronic Flight Bags Gary Moore, UTC Aerospace Systems

Tuesday October 18, 2016

08:35 Keynote: C-130 Hercules: More Than Just Another Trash Hauler Magdy “Mike” Sorial, C-130 System Program Manager, C-130 Hercules Division, Mobility Directorate, Robins AFB, Georgia, Anthony Zompetti, C-130 Deputy for Production and Development, C-130 Hercules Division, Mobility Directorate, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
09:00 C-130 Sustainment Initiatives: Managing Am for an Affordable, Available Fleet Duane Szalwinski, Lockheed Martin
09:15 C-130 Fuel Quantity Indication System Retrofit Armando Boucourt, Kellstrom Defense
09:30 RCAF Block 7.0 Fleet Embodiment Major Bruno Cormier, Royal Canadian Air Force
10:15 MAFFS II Update Steve Benz, MAFFS Corporation
10:30 It’s Not Just About Parts; It’s a Partnership with Frazier Ken Loggins, Frazier Aviation
10:45 Mobility Mission Application (MMA) Chester Treloar, Rockwell Collins
11:00 C-130 Safety Systems: Weather Radar, EGPWS & TCAS Keld Christensen, Honeywell Defense & Space
11:15 Customized MRO Solutions / Customer Case Studies Tom Albig, StandardAero
11:30 C-130 B-H Propeller Modernization: Electronic Propeller Control System and NP2000 Propellers John Taussig, UTC Aerospace Systems
11:45 C-130 Platform Support Scott Butler, Aero Precision
12:00 Leveraging the C-130 with Innovative Roll-on/Roll-Off Systems and Installations Michael Knight, Knight Aerospace Products, Inc.

13:00 SFAR 88 Update Steve Benz, Blue Aerospace
13:15 The Future of Wired / Wireless Intercom Systems Matt Higley, SCI Technology, Jackie Hughes, SCI Technology
13:30 Data Transfer Software Dan Grose, JACOBS Technology
13:45 T56 Series 3.5 Engine Enhancement Program Christopher Culp, Rolls-Royce Defense
14:00 Dehumidification of USCG Operational Aircraft James Valky, Logis-Tech
14:15 C-130 Lock Ring Wheel & Carbon Brake Features & Benefits Andy Riess, UTC Aerospace Systems
14:30 Globally Connected Operations on a Single Satellite Network Dave Robertson, Inmarsat Global Ltd
14:45 Type V Buffer Stop Assembly William Ehler, Capewell Aerial Systems
15:15 Portable APU Tester: Bringing the Test Cell to the Aircraft Brant Farrell, Sherwood Aviation
15:30 Innovative Solutions to Increasing C-130 Capability Ray Chapman, Elbit Systems of America
15:45 Reliability & Maintainability for Mission Assurance & Sustainment James Hill, Aging Aircraft Consulting LLC

Wednesday October 19, 2016

08:35 Keynote: 50 Years of Maintaining, Modifying & Sustaining the C-130 Graham Moore, International Sales Director, Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group
09:00 Making the Hercules Great Again: Visions Past, Present & Future Ethan Bradford, Lynden Air Cargo
09:15 Capabilities in Aerial Delivery Solutions Paul Bradick, Airborne Systems Ltd
09:30 Data & Memory Exchange Systems: Past-Present-Future Sonny Blinkinsop, Kaman Precision Products
09:45 Enabling High Speed SATCOM with Airlink® Terminals Gary Raney, Ball Aerospace
10:15 C-130 Roll-on/Roll-off Fire Attack & Spray System Phil Moylan, Simplex Aerospace
10:30 Development of Explosion Suppression Foam Cristian Tapia, Crest Foam Industries/INOAC USA
10:45 Commercial Technologies for the C-130 Community Tom Innocenti, Teledyne Controls
11:00 International Flight Logistics Made Easy Joel Moore, World Fuel Services/Spire Flight Solutions
11:15 C-130 preTOLD Calculator for iPad and PC Kevin Halpin, Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc.
11:30 Sun Glare, the Overlooked Enemy Eric Albert/Gary Hanson, Rosen Sunvisor Systems
11:45 Transforming Missions with Game-Changing Connectivity Colin Sage, ViaSat, Inc.
12:00 Erosion/Corrosion Resistant Coatings for T56 Engine Compressor Life Extension on C-130 Aircraft Ted Traynor, Liburdi Turbine Services

13:00 Improved Interoperability-Airborne Qualified Onboard Networking System (ONS) and Timing Solutions Markus Schmitz, OnTime Networks
13:15 C-130 Test Equipment Derek Moffa, Howell Instruments, Inc.
13:30 MRO John Schildroth, IAR Technical Services
13:45 Emergency Breathing Equipment Overview Stephen P. Wyatt, Essex Industries
14:00 Improving Mission Readiness with Cost Effective Corrosion Mitigation Solutions Christopher Myers, Cocoon, Inc.
14:15 Polycon Next Generation (PNG) Wireless Intercom System "Enhancing C-130 Communications" Brett Gardener, Axnes Inc.

NOTICE: Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC) does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of the products or services presented during the Hercules Operators Conference (HOC). The views, opinions or recommendations expressed by any of the HOC participants during formal and informal presentations, briefings or discussions do not necessarily reflect those of LMC.