Hercules Operators Conference

2017 HOC Presentations

16 - 19 October 2017, Atlanta GA

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Note: Presentations are listed by the day of the conference and the order presented.

Monday October 16, 2017

09:30 Keynote Speaker Tony Frese, Vice President, Business Development, Air Mobility & Maritime Missions, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

Presentations – Topic: “Operator Updates”
10:00 European Maintenance Symposium Col Wolfgang Haudum, Austrian Air Force
10:15 RAF Project Update Paul Wilson, Ministry of Defence, Sqn Ldr Nick Fieldhouse, Royal Air Force
10:30 NAVAIR C-130 Update Ray Waldbusser, NAVAIR
10:45 Maintaining the C-130J Fleet Sqn Ldr Ash Morrison, Royal Australian Air Force, John Longrigg, Airbus Australia Pacific
11:00 Aeronautics Capability Solutions Managing Availability Duane Szalwinski, LM Aero
11:15 Hercules Training Center Duke Bender, LM RMS
11:30 C-130 Fleet Cradle to Grave: The RCAF Way Captain Leonie Farrell, Canadian Forces
11:45 Material Sustainment Solutions Brian Holt, Derco, A Lockheed Martin

Presentations – Topic: “Safety”
13:00 C-130 Fleet CNS/ATM Solutions Steve Knoblock, LM Aero
13:15 C-130: A Design for Mission Performance Wayne Roberts, LM Aero
13:30 Challenges of Increasing Thrust from H to J Wayne Roberts, LM Aero
13:45 Mishap Lessons Learned Christian Schulten, LM Aero
14:00 Safety Upgrades for C-130 Keld Christensen, Honeywell Aerospace

Presentations – Topic: “Support Solutions”
14:30 C-130J Acquisition: Business Cases, Budget Planning, and Capital Sourcing Nicholas Smythe, LM Aero
14:45 Airbus C-130H Restoration Program Graeme Smith, Airbus Australia Pacific
15:00 Tactical Support of the C-130 Fleet Russell J. Smith, Raytheon
15:15 AMMM Customer Support Center Charles Wright, LM Aero
15:30 Connected Operations-Connected Aircraft Gary D. Moore, UTC Aerospace Systems
15:45 Defensive Systems Lars Tolstrup, TERMA
16:00 C-130 Global Material Support John Guasto, Aviall
16:15 Portable APU Tester-PAPUT®: Bring the Test Cell to the Aircraft Brant Farrell, Sherwood Aviation

Tuesday October 17, 2017

08:35 Keynote: RAAF: 60 Years of C-130 Operations Air Commodore Gary Martin Air Attaché, Royal Australian Air Force

Presentations – Topic: “Modifications”
09:00 Aerial Delivery Systems Paul Bradick, Airborne Systems
09:15 Upgrading the C-130 for Tomorrow’s Missions Pauline Yap, Singapore Technologies Aerospace
09:30 Main Deck Barrier Net Rob Bryan, AmSafe Bridport
09:45 Project Single Truth Major Tibor Loke, RNLAF, Erik Cornelisse, ILIAS Solutions

Presentations – Topic: “Modifications”
10:15 Drag Reducing Microvanes for C-130 Leslie Peters, Metro Aerospace
10:30 Flight Service Solutions for C-130 Fleet Modernization Eric Moran, Rockwell Collins
10:45 C-130 Corrosion Prevention: Toilet Upgrade Program Roger Wilbanks, Zodiac Water & Waste Aero System
11:00 Leveraging the C-130 with the Most Advanced Roll-On/Roll-Off Systems Michael Knight, Knight Aerospace
11:15 C-130 B-H Propeller Modernization: Electronic Propeller Control System and NP2000 Propellers John Taussig, UTC Aerospace Systems

Presentations – Topic: “Modifications”
13:00 C-130 Data Acquisition/Low Cost Engine Instrument MFDs Derek Moffa, Howell Instruments, Inc.
13:15 C-130 Flight Control Actuator Reliability Improvement Jamie Snow / Mike Davis, Tactair Fluid Controls
13:30 Cargo Ground Buildup System (CGBS) Anupam Chandra, Indian Institute of Technology, Richard Cree, LM Aero
13:45 Center Wing Box Replacement Edward Strul, Israel Aerospace Industries
14:00 C-130 / LM-100J Lock Ring Wheel & Carbon Brake Andy Riess, UTC Aerospace Systems
14:15 Rapid Cal: A C-130 Wing Loads Calibration Proposal Skip Ellsworth, LM Aero

Presentations – Topic: “Software & Communications”
14:45 Software Solutions Dan Grose, JACOBS Software Engineering Center
15:00 Future of Wired / Wireless Intercom Systems Shay Thorn / Chuck Desrosier, SCI Technology
15:15 Surf the Digital Wave: Next-Gen Aviation Platform Manoj Singh, Ramco Systems
15:30 Next-Generation Converged Communications: Empowering Today’s Mission, Preparing for Tomorrow’s Liesl Stults, ViaSat, Inc.
15:45 High Speed Connectivity Through New, High-Throughput Satellites Robert McCord, Intelsat General Corporation
16:00 State of the Art Network Redundancy and Time-Sensitive Network Solutions for Airborne Ethernet Networks Markus Schmitz, OnTime Networks
16:15 Global Tracking, Communications & the Paperless Herc Ethan Bradford, Lynden Air Cargo

Wednesday October 18, 2017

08:35 Keynote: LM-100J Overview Jeff Fortner, LM-100J Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

Presentations – Topic: “Maintenance”
09:00 Meta Aerospace Capital, Company & Platform Introduction Christian Gleave, Meta Aerospace Capital LLC
09:15 T56 vs. AE2100D3 Maintenance: What’s the Difference? Tom Castle, Rolls-Royce Corporation
09:30 Integrated Power Distributed Unit Keenan Haywood, Avionic Instruments
09:45 Commercial Technologies for the C-130 Community Thomas Innocenti, Teledyne Controls, LLC

Presentations – Topic: “Maintenance”
10:15 C-130 preTOLD® Calculator for iPad and PC Kevin Halpin, Elite Electronic Engineering
10:30 Sustainment Portfolio Options Mary Pat Moloy, Rolls-Royce Corporation
10:45 C-130 Surface Protection Solutions Jerry Fleischhacker, 3M
11:00 Standard Corrective Actions in Non-Routine Work Cards: Advantages and Challenges Mauro Bentes, OGMA
11:15 Supporting Today’s C-130 Fleets with Affordable Engine MRO Solutions for Tomorrow’s Missions Marc Wittingen, StandardAero

Presentations – Topic: “Firefighting”
13:00 C-130 Aerial Firefighting Britton Coulson, Coulson Aviation (USA) Inc.
13:15 MAFFS II Steve Benz, Blue Aerospace

Presentations – Topic: “Fuel”
13:30 KC-130 Pods Mike Bandak, Northstar
13:45 Development of Explosion Suppression Foam Robert Wilson, Crest Foam Industries/INOAC USA
14:00 Fuel Leak Repair Equipment & Services Dwayne Adkins, Aerowing
14:15 Digital Fuel Quantity Measurement Solution for C-130 Armando Boucourt, Kellstrom Defense Aerospace

NOTICE: Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC) does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of the products or services presented during the Hercules Operators Conference (HOC). The views, opinions or recommendations expressed by any of the HOC participants during formal and informal presentations, briefings or discussions do not necessarily reflect those of LMC.