Skunks' Den

Skunks' Den

At the Skunk Works® our team is comprised of world-class technologists, scientists, engineers and a host of others who are just as passionate about innovation in aerospace as they are about peace and stability for the United States and its allies. This passion, coupled with supportive leadership, a multi-disciplinary approach and the freedom to think big, provides the optimal environment to develop leap-ahead solutions. Play the videos below to hear directly from members of our team about how imagination and innovation thrive in the Skunks’ Den.  


Program integrator Elena describes her favorite parts about her job and what makes the Skunk Works unique.


Atherton, a senior systems engineer, gives his take on what makes the Skunk Works special.


Eric, Deputy of Technology and Product Innovation, talks about the one Skunk Works aircraft that has always stood out to him.


Kevin, Portfolio Manager of Rapid Operations Programs, has seen a lot of cool things while working at the Skunk Works.