Aeronatics Capabilities Solutions APU Exhaust Duct Bracket

APU Exhaust Duct Bracket

Lockheed Martin is continuously improving production C-130J aircraft based on field experience and has developed an improved APU Exhaust Duct Bracket. As a result, this improved bracket is currently installed on production aircraft and significantly reduces the instances of fatigue cracking.

The improved APU exhaust duct bracket modifies the duct and support structure to eliminate premature cracking and failure of the duct and duct bracket. The kit includes the modified duct and support structure to replace the original parts and increase the service life of those components and reduce downtime.

The improved APU exhaust duct bracket does not require additional modifications of structure underneath the fire shield and can be installed by the operator at home base.

Aircraft with Lockheed Martin Serial Number 5748 and up already have the improved duct.

APU Exhaust Duct Bracket Kit:

The kit includes the new duct, bracket and all required installation hardware plus instructions for removing the existing equipment and installing the new parts.

Estimated Aircraft Availability Benefit: 0.0075%

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