APU Wiring Harness

Lockheed Martin is continuously improving the production aircraft based on field experience. Lockheed Martin’s improved APU Wiring Harness, currently installed on production aircraft, reduces the risk of corrosion due to water entrapment in the connectors. This improvement minimizes the need for costly repairs of these connectors and the associated electrical cables.

This modification replaces wiring and connectors from under the cabin floor at Fuselage Station 257 to the APU firewall disconnect at approximately Fuselage Station 487. The new harness assembly includes stainless steel connectors, back-shells, new wheel well markers, and added wiring length to accommodate drip loops.

APU Harness Connector

APU Wiring Harness Kit:

The replacement APU Wiring Harness can be economically installed during routine cargo compartment under-floor inspection or separately installed by an Lockheed Martin C-130 Authorized Service Center.

Estimated Aircraft Availability Benefit: 0.0048%

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