Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions C-130 Paratroop Door Kit

C-130 Paratroop Door Kit

C-130 Paratroop Door Kit — Square Window Door

Lockheed Martin has developed a replacement kit for C-130 paratroop doors that offers a larger rectangular window and integrated fold-down observer seat in place of legacy paratroop doors that have a smaller, round window and no seat.

Paratroop Door - Outside and Inside

Some legacy paratroop doors contain round windows with limited external visibility as compared to the current C-130J paratroop door configuration with a rectangular window. The kit is a quick, direct replacement set of doors with much improved external visibility from a 340% larger surface area window.

The kit contains left and right side replacement doors with integral fold-down observer seats, new negator motor and cable, new hardware, and installation instructions. The replacement doors are the same door that are currently used on the new production C-130J aircraft. This kit is applicable to any C-130 and can be installed at the organizational (squadron) level of maintenance or by any qualified Hercules Service Center.

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