Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions C-130B-H Technical Publications

C-130B-H Technical Publications

Lockheed Martin’s technical publications competency conveys knowledge and information to aid customers in the operation, maintenance, modification, and servicing of all Lockheed Martin-produced and supported aircraft safeguarding the airworthiness of the aircraft.

The Lockheed Martin Technical Publications team is deeply involved in all aspects of the aircraft lifecycle. The team is specifically dedicated to the C-130 program in support of all B-H Hercules operators and is responsible for the overall management, development, validation, production, quality and delivery of the C-130 technical publications.

C-130B-H Technical Publications Revision Services

Lockheed Martin answers the requirement to keep manuals updated by offering tailored solutions with options based on customer needs. Revision Service options include the following:

Simple Revision Service:

This service allows operators to maintain customized documentation current with latest fleet changes. Revisions may include updating manuals to current baseline and purchase of updated off-the-shelf manuals (structural repair manual, commercial airplane flight manual, military performance manual, loading manual, etc.). This service does not include incorporation of aircraft modification data.

Simple Revision Service with Aircraft Modifications:

Same as above, but includes documentation of minor aircraft modifications.

Revision Service with Major Aircraft Modifications:

Includes aircraft survey and documentation review performed at the customer facility (necessary to establish equipment configuration and currency of technical publications).

Revisions typically includes major publications rework and development of new publications to properly document the modified aircraft configuration. Aircraft operators often choose to eliminate supplemental data by purchasing more desirable, customized technical manuals.

Customized PDF Manuals

The additional capabilities provided by PDF manuals make them as essential as any tool currently found in the mechanic’s toolbox. Conversion to electronic media offers the following benefits:

  • Viewable on most electronic devices via Adobe Reader
  • Electronic delivery reduces the number of paper copies to maintain, supporting “Green” initiatives while providing cost savings
  • Provides flexible, local print capability—operators can print in any quantity, at any location
  • Global availability of the manuals via secure website enables rapid updates and distribution
  • Options to navigate by keyword search, table of contents, bookmarks or hyperlinks, lets users quickly locate the data they need
  • Hyperlinks and bookmarks allow for rapid access to figure and paragraph references and direct navigation to a needed wiring diagram
  • Allows up to 1,600 percent magnification with no loss of quality
  • Compact file format allows rapid file transfer between users, simplifies archiving and is ideal for presentations

Digitized Off-The-Shelf (OTS) Subscription Service

Two CD-ROM packages are available containing scanned versions of the most common manuals for C-130 Military and L-100 operators and maintainers. The Subscription Service price is drastically lower than separately-priced off-the-shelf publications with more substantial savings when multiple years are purchased.

  • Provides affordable options to keep pubs current at reduced prices
  • Enables predictable customer budget
  • Up-to-date pubs always available if subscription is active
  • Reduces number of annual purchase orders needed to stay current
  • Reduces paper storage and associated paper costs


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