Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions C-130J Engine Water Wash Hose

C-130J Engine Water Wash Hose

The water wash air line in the C-130J engine nacelle has a history of fatigue failures from vibration and chafing against the nacelle Fire Overheat Detection System (FODS) support bracket. When a water wash air line leaks, engine performance is degraded and engine wear accelerates possibly from increased engine measured gas temperature (MGT).

Lockheed Martin is developing a redesigned engine water wash hose that is a form, fit, function simple replacement fix.

This redesign incorporates a new high-temperature check valve that prevents any bleed air leakage if the hose ruptured. Using the high-temperature check valve allows for the use of a lower temperature-rate, more flexible, lower-cost hose that will be less prone to fatigue fractures.

The new hose applies to all C-130Js and can be installed quickly at the organizational level of maintenance.

Estimated Aircraft Availability Benefit: 0.036%

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