C-130J Improved Smoke Detector Reliability

Lockheed Martin is developing a direct replacement smoke detector unit for C-130J operators that has improved reliability and maintainability attributes. There are four detectors on the C-130J. Their current locations make them susceptible to contamination and the resulting fault codes indicate the detector is dirty. Furthermore, Smoke Detector #1 located in the flight station underdeck, and currently requires a unique bonding strap to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI) feedback. This presents interchangeability issues.

The proposed new design from Kidde Aerospace is a form, fit, and function replacement for the current part. The new design detector includes a metal cover with improved bonding to the base of the unit, eliminating the need for the special bonding strap on Detector #1 and restoring complete interchangeability. Furthermore, the new cover is a more enclosed design that will likely reduce contamination. The new unit is more maintainable by the supplier at the piece part level, reducing repair costs. The new part is expected to be more reliable, resulting in fewer returns, fewer man-hours spent troubleshooting and replacing units, and saving the customer operations & support (O&S) costs.

This upgraded part is applicable to all C-130Js and is recommended for installation on an attrition basis.

Estimated Aircraft Availability Benefit: 0.021%

Smoke Detector Locations
Proposed New Design

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