Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions Corrosion Training Course

Corrosion Training Course

Aircraft corrosion is a significant contributor to downtime and increased maintenance costs. Ensuring that your fleet has the best corrosion prevention techniques and plan in place will help improve readiness and reduce lifecycle costs.

Lockheed Martin has developed an informal training course that addresses the topic of aircraft corrosion. Based on internal engineering documentation and training material, the course covers several important topics:

  • Setting up a corrosion prevention program
  • How to integrate corrosion prevention into existing maintenance
  • Corrosion theory and fundamentals
  • Washing, cleaning, and lubrication
  • Corrosion removal
  • Surface treatment and sealants
  • Latest OEM approved corrosion prevention products and locations for use


Lockheed Martin can come directly to your location to provide valuable information for the C-130, P-3 or C-5 on the topic of corrosion.

Our class structure can accommodate up to 20 students and offers the choice of a two-day “Leadership Course” or a five-day “Technician’s Course.” The Leadership Course is designed for the maintenance officer or site leadership to inform them of the importance of a corrosion prevention program and how to implement one. The Technician’s Course is designed for maintainers/technicians and provides more detail on specific areas of corrosion to look for, how to mitigate corrosion and the latest products available.

This course is designed to complement the Corrosion Site Visit (CSV), which is more of a fleet assessment and can offer valuable insights on the condition of the aircraft at the site as well as review existing technical publications. The training course can be tailored to the conditions at the site as well and the instructors will work with personnel on-site to ensure the course content meets your needs.

Contact Information:

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(800) 952-6569 or +1 (770) 494-9131