Corrosion Site Visit

Lockheed Martin is now offering a unique service to C-130 operators that provides on-site expert consultation for aircraft corrosion issues. The Corrosion Site Visit (CSV) is a new addition to the Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions catalog.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics has patterned our CSV service from our proven diagnostic site visit service that has been conducted worldwide on many C-130 fleets. The CSV is designed to provide instruction, improvement recommendations, and consultation around the topic of aircraft corrosion. Corrosion is a significant reason for aircraft downtime and maintenance costs. Lockheed Martin’s position as the aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturer allows us access to a broad corrosion data set and unique technical knowledge so that we can provide the best corrosion consultation possible.
CSV’s include:

  • Two subject matter expert visit for five business days and support of multiple shifts if desired.
  • Basic training on corrosion detection. This can be tailored to level of maintainer knowledge or your fleet’s specific issues.
  • Review products used on aircraft to identify areas for upgrade to industry state of the art.
  • Presentation on latest corrosion prevention products and techniques including the latest information approved by Lockheed Martin.
  • Consultation on how to more efficiently utilize the existing Corrosion Control Manual provided with the C-130 technical publications set.
  • Out-brief to the commander or maintenance leadership to give an overview of the observations and summarize action items identified during the CSV.
  • Post-visit evaluation and incorporation of efficiencies, improvements or corrections into scheduled technical publications updates.
  • Trip report will be provided containing a summary of the visit and action items/results.

*Travel costs excluded from CSV service price

Contact Information:

AMMM Customer Support Center
(800) 952-6569 or +1 (770) 494-9131