Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions Digital Aircrew Checklist Navigation Tabs

Digital Aircrew Checklist Navigation Tabs

In response to an increasing demand for solutions that facilitate the use of Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) by C-130 aircrews, Lockheed Martin has developed an optimized digital checklist solution that integrates navigable links within Portable Document Format (PDF) checklists.

These links, displayed in button form for ease of selection during flight operations, permit two-click access to any normal procedure, emergency procedure or crew alert message. In addition, return navigation to the previously viewed checklist also follows the two-click convention permitting flexible navigation no matter what the situation demands.

Situational awareness and efficient handling of emergency or normal operations are accelerated with the elimination of the necessity to turn, scroll, or swipe through pages when time is in short supply.

Low-Risk, Cost-Effective and Available Now

Developed in conjunction with inputs from current C-130 operators, this design is a
low-risk, cost-effective solution that is successfully being used in the field now.

Format Supports Flexibility with Paper, EFB or Both

Maximizing flexibility, operators who still have requirements to utilize paper checklists—or are transitioning from paper to an EFB—have the option to employ any and all formats as required.

In short, this design bridges the gap from traditional paper checklist operation to a fully functional EFB in a single, low-risk and cost-effective solution that is available now.

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