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Flight Control Boosters

Leaking flight control boosters are costly to repair and a major source of downtime for legacy Hercules and C-130J operators. Lockheed Martin, working with Tactair Fluid Controls Inc., is developing an improved design for the aileron, rudder and elevator flight control boosters that is expected to increase on-wing time for these flight critical components.

These new boosters feature an improved seal and scraper system using modern materials. These improved seals are designed to better protect the actuating mechanism during operation and prevent the introduction of harmful contaminants. These leak paths can erode the seals and cause costly repair and downtime.

As part of the product improvement, Lockheed Martin and Tactair are developing an improved internal design for the elevator booster actuator that reduces high stress locations in the fluid path. This improvement should lower operating stress levels and provide increased durability by minimizing an important source of actuator fatigue-induced cracking experienced by some operators.

Estimated Aircraft Availability Benefit: 0.017%

Aileron, Rudder and Elevator Flight Control Boosters

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