Ice Shield Sustainment Kit

Based on input from C-130J operators and service history, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics has developed an improved Ice Shield providing enhanced protection from damage to the fuselage by ice and other debris. This improved Ice Shield is easily installed at an authorized Lockheed Martin Service Center and will reduce the frequency and severity of expensive depot repairs without a significant impact to aircraft performance or weight.

The improved Ice Shield will include a larger and thicker ice shield — 20 inches wider and 26 inches longer on the left hand side. The right is 20 inches wider and 27 inches longer, with both shields increasing in thickness from 0.040 to 0.071 inches of the same material and applies for fielded C-130J aircraft through Serial Number 5793.

Improved Ice Shield Kit:

The upgrade kit consists of the shields, attaching hardware and detailed instructions for removal of the original shield and installation of the enhanced shield. The left hand shield has been divided into an upper and lower section to minimize cost and facilitate installation.

Estimated Aircraft Availability Benefit: 0.005%

Ice Shield Technical Drawings

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