Letter Check Parts Kit


As part of the 38-week preventive maintenance program, C-130J customers must accomplish scheduled inspections at intervals commonly referred to as “letter” checks. As part of these scheduled maintenance events, certain parts are routinely replaced on the aircraft when inspections are performed. Lockheed Martin has compiled unique letter check specific best part replacement kits.

Planning for upcoming maintenance events and ordering all the required parts for the specific letter check takes significant coordination and organization from various sources of information. Lockheed Martin has developed one-part number for each Letter Check Kit that simplifies the ordering and management of these tasks. Lockheed Martin’s goal in providing this service was driven by targeting and reducing down time attributed by part lead times, and part ordering coordination across customer fleets. The result is the right parts at the right time.

Each kit is available in two variants: the HC/KC kit supports both the tanker (KC-130J) and search and rescue (HC-130J) variants of the aircraft, while the J-30 kit supports the stretch and shorter version of the aircraft. These simplified kits cover four C-130J types to ensure that each aircraft gets the right parts quickly to support mission requirements.

To order these kits, the operator only needs the one top part number for the specific type aircraft and letter check to be accomplished.

Top kit part numbers will be distributed via a Service Information Letter (SIL) from Lockheed Martin and each kit will come with a kit list that identifies the contents of the kit along with the associated task to connect the part required with the scheduled task that needs to be performed. 

Estimated Aircraft Availability Benefit: < 1%

Contact Information:

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