Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions Lower Fuselage Protection System

Lower Fuselage Protection System

Lockheed Martin has developed an optimized kit for protecting the aircraft from debris on the lower fuselage for those C-130J operators that are frequently operating in rugged conditions around the world. This Lower Fuselage Protection System (LFPS) includes a combination of new guards, covers, and protective tape to prevent nicks, scratches, and damage to the aircraft paint and fuselage outer surface. This system improves the resistance to corrosion and reduces maintenance associated with paint touch up and skin repair.

Areas/components that receive increased protection from this system include:

  • Main landing gear (MLG) torque strut hydraulic components
  • Main landing gear (MLG) strut rock deflector flap
  • Lower fuselage navigation and strobe light
  • MLG IR taxi light
  • Outboard and inboard MLG door leading edges
  • Fuselage “belly”
Lower Fuselage Protection System

The protective tape is a high performance adhesive material that can be applied directly to the aircraft surface. The tape covers the fuselage belly from FS 245E to FS 817E, the inboard main landing gear doors, forward and aft sections of the main landing gear pods, aft nose landing gear door, and the leading edge of antennas. Protective tape can also be used on the front face of the outboard MLG doors instead of the fiberglass plies. The tape can be installed at O-level with minimum preparation.

Estimated Aircraft Availability Benefit: 0.005%

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