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The Service Manual Publication SMP 515-C Inspection Program uses guidelines of Air Transport Association of America (ATA) Maintenance Program Development Document Maintenance Steering Group (MSG-3) and Lockheed Martin engineering expertise to incorporate technical source data and establish inspection intervals for a customized SMP 515-C Inspection Program. The final product is a SMP 515-C Inspection Program and revised work cards set for use with your C-130 B-H fleet. The updated SMP 515-C Inspection Program will be applicable to only the C-130B/E/H/KC-130H/C-130H-30 (Military) and L-100/382G (Commercial) aircraft.

Lockheed Martin offers options for:

  • Original new plans, over five years since last revision
  • Revision service, less than five years since last revision
  • Site Survey 
    • Identify facility hanger, wash rack, back shops, and flightline available
    • General visually inspect aircraft
    • Overview maintenance records
    • Provide final report and recommendations
  • Fleet Health Assessment 
    • Extensive review of maintenance records to identify trends
    • Zonally/detail inspect aircraft for discrepancies and identify trends
    • Identify issues with training, supply, back shops, etc.
    • Provide final report/presentation identifying shortfall and provide recommendations

In addition to the above “legacy” products and services, Lockheed Martin maintenance planning engineering offers the following for the C-130J and LM-100J variants:

  • C-130J/LM100J 
    • Tailored maintenance plans and revision service 
      • Perform Gap Analysis to optimize inspection intervals to decrease cost and increase availability

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