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Propeller Balance Software

Lockheed Martin has designed a software module that can be integrated with the C-130J Data Transfer and Diagnostic System (DTADS) that allows a Super Hercules operator to quickly and efficiently balance the propeller when required.

The Propeller Balance Solution (PBS) provides a software-automated method for generating propeller balance solutions for the C-130J’s R391 propeller. These solutions consist of weight and propeller back plate location data that allow maintainers to manually balance the C-130J propellers.

Current solutions already in use around the world include the hard-wired support equipment originally recommended for the C-130J, and another aftermarket software balancing solution. The Lockheed Martin software gathers both ground and flight data, resulting in a better quality solution versus ground-based equipment. The new DTADS PBS module eliminates the need for the cumbersome hard-wired support equipment, and saves maintenance man-hours by reducing set up and take-down time. This system offers several advantages over the existing software balance product:

  1. The PBS solution is compatible with future improvements to the R391 propeller system
  2. The PBS solution is fully supported by Lockheed Martin and if there are ever issues with troubleshooting a balance solution, Lockheed Martin can provide direct assistance with the DTADS software module

The Propeller Balance Software module can be easily delivered electronically to any operator around the world and can be installed with or without DTADS.

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