Support Equipment Validation Services

Support Equipment Validation Service

C-130 operators have a wide variety of proven pieces of aircraft support equipment (SE) to choose from to help maintain their fleet. In many cases, there is an upgraded or new piece of SE that was not originally required, but which will save the operator maintenance time and improve availability.

One piece of equipment that could assist in troubleshooting is the UL 101 Ultrasonic Leak Detector. The UL 101 is produced by CTRL Systems and has been used by several aircraft operators. UL101 Kit uses ultrasonic technology for audibly detecting leaks in cabin air supply ducting, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, fuel cells, bleed air systems, pitot static systems, valves, fuel manifolds, and bearings. If a C-130 operator wishes to use the UL 101 to improve bleed air, pressurization, or other troubleshooting efficiency, then Lockheed Martin offers this SE Validation Service to officially validate this equipment and incorporate it into the customer technical manual set.


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