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Lockheed Martin’s sustainability report relies upon guidance issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting framework. We report in accordance with GRI Standards Core, the latest GRI guidelines. 

The determination of which GRI topics are relevant to our business is a direct result of our Core Issues Assessment as described in our Sustainability Report. This formal process included ongoing feedback from internal and external stakeholders.

The following GRI Indicators underwent third-party assurance:

  • 102-40: List of Stakeholder Groups
  • 102-42: Identifying and Selecting Stakeholders
  • 102-43: Approach to Stakeholder Engagement
  • 102-46: Report Content & Boundaries
  • 102-47: Material Topics
  • 205-2: Communication and training about anti-corruption policies and procedures
  • 302-1: Energy Consumption
  • 302-4: Reduction of Energy Consumption
  • 305-1: Direct (Scope 1) GHG Emissions
  • 305-2: Indirect (Scope 2) GHG Emissions
  • 305-3: Other Indirect (Scope 3) GHG Emissions
  • 305-5: Reduction of GHG Emissions
  • 403-2: Occupational Health and Safety
  • 405-1: Diversity and Equal Opportunity