Army aviators and Soldiers need systems that grow and maintain overmatch with near-peer threats for decades to come. Our X2 Technology™ helicopters maintain everything Soldiers love about the Black Hawk and expand the operational envelope. They fly faster. Maneuver at higher G levels. They're the only aircraft that excel where helicopters can't today — and in the multi-domain operations of tomorrow.

A Complete Weapon System

Our Future Vertical Lift solutions are about more than just the aircraft. We consider every element of a complete weapon system: From research, design and development to manufacturing, integration and sustainment.

Lockheed Martin's investments and expertise in multi-domain solutions, autonomy, sensors, weapons, training and logistics will make the difference in achieving aviation overmatch. We deliver unprecedented adaptability, battlefield awareness and lethality that boost survivability. All at a lower total life-cycle cost. It's the edge the Army needs to get in the fight, stay in the fight—and win.

SB>1 DEFIANT™: Designed for Speed Where it Matters

Utility helicopters like the Future Long-Range Attack and Assault (FLRAA) aircraft fly low and fast, land quickly, deliver Soldiers and get out — all while evading the enemy in complex terrain. Sikorsky and partner Boeing have created an agile, maneuverable weapon system that flies twice as far and twice as fast as the Black Hawk — and sits in the same operational footprint. Delivering reach and survivability, SB>1 DEFIANT™ is the choice between just getting there and achieving mission success.

RAIDER X™: The Leader the Force Follows

Knife-fighters like the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) break through anti-aircraft defenses, clearing the way so the rest of the force can follow. RAIDER X™ is the only aircraft designed to survive the future battlefield — and with mission flexibility to adapt even faster than the battlespace changes. Providing unmatched battlefield intelligence and growth potential, RAIDER X™ is the choice between a flight plan and a fight plan.

X2 Technology™: Defying the Physics of Traditional Helicopters

X2 Technology™ is designed for speed, maneuverability and scalability—every attribute the Army needs achieve aviation overmatch. Based on the XH-59A prototype, the Collier Award winning X2 Technology™ Demonstrator made significant improvements in vibration reduction, weight reduction and blade technology that enables the aircraft to be flown by a single pilot, with a single engine. Defying the physics of traditional helicopters—to revolutionize the Sikorsky vision for how we bring people home safe. Everywhere, every time.

We are not just providing an aircraft. We are providing a weapon system with next-generation advances in reach, survivability, lethality, sustainability and unmatched growth potential. Providing speed where it matters, X2 Technology wins the next war, not the last.

LTG Kevin Mangum (U.S. Army, retired)
Vice president Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems

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