Census Statement

About Lockheed Martin’s Census Practice:

Lockheed Martin successfully designed, developed and deployed the automated data capture system for the United Kingdom’s 2001 Census, United States 2000 Census and Canada’s 2006 Census—and is currently working with the US Census Bureau to prepare for the 2010 census.  In 2001, Lockheed Martin’s Data Capture System read the UK’s handwriting from nearly 30 million Census forms, processing the information quickly, effectively, securely, and with an accuracy rate of better than 99 percent.

Protecting the privacy of citizens’ vital information is our primary objective and we are proud of our outstanding record of success in this regard through a Census practice that spans over a decade. Our goal is to again offer the UK the best, most capable and reliable system that ensures the total success and confidentiality of the 2011 census. We have designed our proposed solution to ensure that the data collected during the 2011 is as secure as possible.

The strength of Lockheed Martin UK’s Census 2011 proposal lies in its team: a consortium of British companies with complementing skills in data management, printing, distribution and security.

Under our proposal, all processing of the Census data will be conducted by British companies in Britain—no data will leave UK shores either physically or electronically. That industry team includes such companies as Royal Mail, Cable and Wireless, and Logica.  Each bring expertise enabling us to offer a very capable solution and  ensure compliance with British security law with a particular focus on cyber security to prevent malicious access attempts from outside agents. 

Lockheed Martin UK’s unique experience in securely managing large volumes of data and coordinating complex projects – including the last UK Census in 2001 – makes us ideal to act as prime contractor for this crucial programme.

Lockheed Martin’s systems have helped the UK protect its travellers in the skies, soldiers in battle, and citizens calling 999 for help.  With that same level of commitment and focus on securely managing sensitive data, we will enable the UK Government to effectively and efficiently perform the 2011 census while protecting its citizens data —after all, we are being counted, too.