Lockheed Martin UK Demonstrates Latest Military Video Technology At CWID 2008

Portsdown West, UK June 12, 2008

Lockheed Martin UK is showcasing new advances in information management at this year’s Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) which could bring significant changes to the way future battles are fought. 

Ground-breaking developments in Full Motion Video (FMV) and information sharing will be demonstrated in an Afghanistan-based scenario at this year’s event to show how they could be put to use by troops and commanders in real world operations.

Rick Holt, director of information superiority, Lockheed Martin UK, said: “Capturing and making use of the huge amount of data in an operational environment can provide the critical advantage in battle. By integrating intelligence data from a variety of sources we can ensure users get the most out of assets like UAVs, targeting pods and other Command, Control, Computers, Communications Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (C4ISTAR) sources – whether they are troops in the field or commanders at headquarters.”

Lockheed Martin UK will demonstrate how commanders can use imagery and video in new ways, with innovative technology allowing them to bring together information from multiple sources to build a detailed picture of an area. The demonstration will also show how new low-bandwidth technology could allow troops to capture this data, together with live images from UAVs or aircraft, on hand-held computers, giving them a new perspective on the battlefield in real-time.

“In today’s environment the key to successful intelligence gathering is making information work hard and work fast,” added Holt. “New advances are giving us new ways of getting the right data to the right people rapidly and allowing people to quickly collaborate and share across protected networks, heralding a new era of intelligence gathering, dissemination and exploitation and bringing a new tactical and strategic advantage to our armed forces.”

CWID UK is a unique annual research event which gives the MoD an opportunity to see new developments in the C4ISTAR arena in action in an operational setting.

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