Lockheed Martin UK Summer Outreach Activities

The UK is host to a series of shows and events aimed at recognising the efforts of our Armed Forces throughout the summer months. Across the country, military bases are opened to the public, allowing a brief glimpse of the crucial work carried out by our service personnel and the defence contractors that support them. These events also present a great opportunity to inspire and encourage children to study science, mathematics and engineering – the disciplines needed to keep our Armed Forces equipped with the latest technology. Lockheed Martin UK participated in a number of events this year to promote science and engineering to tomorrow’s workforce.

During Farnborough Air Show Lockheed Martin UK participated in the International Youth Day which saw over 150 students learn about our newest 5th generation fighter, the F-35. Demonstrations and guided flights were given on the our state-of-the art flight simulator and the opportunity to experience the feeling of sitting in the cockpit of the full scale F-35 model. At RNAS Culdrose Air Day in Cornwall and Meet Your Navy in Portsmouth we hosted teamwork and engineering challenges for our visitors and the very latest F-22 and F-35 flight simulation games were put to their paces on the Xbox 360© and Nintendo Wii consoles©. Over the three events over 15,000 people were given a chance to see the contribution that Lockheed Martin UK is making to the British Defence Industry and labour market.

"Lockheed Martin UK recognises the importance that science and engineering education provides to our national defence industry and to the equipment we’re able to provide our Armed Forces," said Ian Stopps, Chief Executive, Lockheed Martin UK. "We try to make today’s students realise how exciting and important a future career in science and engineering can be." “Our outreach activities are designed to make students realise that the technology they see in their video games is really being developed, be it through our work in simulation and training or the advanced optical systems on the F-35. Studying science and engineering can be a great foundation for a very interesting career.”

Whilst education is our main focus at these events, it also allows us to raise money for worthwhile charities. Over £2,500 was raised for uk4u and Shelterbox over a three week period. Thank you to everyone who spent time at our shows and for giving generously to our chosen charities.

Look for Lockheed Martin UK at next summer’s events - a full list will be posted to www.lockheedmartin.co.uk in early 2009.