Lockheed Martin UK Employee First To Receive Top Professional Accolade

Dr Craig Wrigley, Chief Scientist at Lockheed Martin UK - IS&GS Security, Farnborough, has been elected by the Lockheed Martin Corporation as a Lockheed Martin Fellow, the first non-US employee to receive the honour. Lockheed Martin Fellow recognition is granted to less than one percent of the Corporation’s technical employee population and distinguishes individuals who make significant contributions to sustaining the Corporation’s leadership in advanced technologies, acknowledging both past achievement and promise for future contributions.

In Dr Wrigley’s case, the award recognizes his extensive knowledge and experience supporting a wide range of programmes, from advanced data links and satellite ground stations to the emerging area of Carbon monitoring and measurement. Dr Wrigley also leads Research and Development activities for Lockheed Martin UK- IS&GS, in the Network Enabled Capabilities domain and is world renowned in the field of Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) Link 16 Network Design and multi link operations.
“I am delighted that Dr Wrigley has received such prestigious recognition for his professional contribution to Lockheed Martin’s continuing commitment to innovation and emerging technology”, said Paul Weatherly, Managing Director Lockheed Martin UK – IS&GS Security. Lockheed Martin’s pool of engineering talent is among the very best in the Industry and our Fellows are recognized as those few individuals who have become the elite subject matter experts in technical areas critical to the Corporation’s success; I am very proud to have Dr Wrigley on my team”.

Dr Wrigley added: “I am honoured to receive this award for my contribution in helping to maintain LM’s position at the forefront of worldwide research and development. It is rewarding to know that LM places a high value on this research and recognises that it is vital to the future growth of the organisation.”

Dr Wrigley studied physics at Trinity College, Cambridge and holds an MA in Physics and Theoretical Physics and a PhD in Quantum Chromodynamics.