Lockheed Martin and Finnish Business Develop Co-Operation Initiatives

LONDON, 30 JANUARY, 2012 - Lockheed Martin UK has hosted a high level delegation of aerospace and defence representatives from Finland to promote and develop industrial participation projects.

The visit by the Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries (AFDA) saw representatives from some 20 defence, aerospace and security companies meet leading Lockheed Martin UK executives to discuss the potential for alliances and technology partnerships to serve both the Finnish and wider European markets.

The two-day visit included overviews of the Lockheed Martin business and the market in Finland, networking sessions and an opportunity for the Finnish companies to display their wares and capability.

Among Lockheed Martin products in Finland are Multiple Launch Rocket Systems and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance technology. Finland’s largest defence company, Patria, is also partnered with Lockheed Martin for the US Marine Corps Marine Personnel Carrier (MPC) programme.

Lockheed Martin UK Chief Executive Stephen Ball commented: “Lockheed Martin and Finnish industry were given a valuable insight into the other’s respective capabilities. It was a stimulating two days where several opportunities emerged and we will be seeking to develop further industrial co-operation to the benefit of both Lockheed Martin and the Finnish defence and security business.”

Tuija Karanko, Secretary General of AFDA, added: “I am confident that the exchange of ideas will help Lockheed Martin to expand its footprint in Finland and Finnish industry to benefit from a closer relationship with the world’s biggest defence company.”


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