Martin-Baker produces first ejection seat for LRIP 5

1st February 2013 marked another key milestone in the F-35 Programme for Martin-Baker – the completion of the first ejection seat for LRIP 5. LRIP 5 consists of 32 ejection seats in total. This includes 22 F-35A’s for USAF, 3 F-35B’s for USMC and 7 F-35C’s for USN.

Martin-Baker has delivered 104 F-35 (US16E) ejection seats in total. The 100th US16E seat was shipped to Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth on 23rd October 2012. To date, Martin-Baker has completed all LRIP IV deliveries up to and including F-35 aircraft CF-9 and almost completed the upgrades for the System Development and Demonstration (SDD) aircraft fleet.

Lockheed Martin confirmed on 30th January 2013 that the 100th F-35 is now on the production line. The 100th aircraft, known as AF-41, is a CTOL variant which is due to be delivered to the USAF for pilot training at Luke Air Force Base.