Minister meets Lockheed Martin Farnborough Cyber experts

Minister meets Lockheed Martin Farnborough Cyber Experts Cyber intelligence analyst Alex Kavanagh explains to Minister Chloe Smith how the Farnborough Security Intelligence Centre works to defend the LM IT network

FARNBOROUGH, April 19, 2013 - Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform, Chloe Smith MP, met the Hampshire-based cyber security experts who help to defend Lockheed Martin against cyber threats from throughout the world when she visited the company’s Security Intelligence Centre at Farnborough.

Global security and aerospace giant Lockheed Martin is ranked as one of the most targeted private companies in the world for cyber attacks and the Farnborough centre works closely with two similar centres in the United States to monitor and stave off multiple daily threats.

Ms Smith, who has specific UK Government cyber security responsibilities, toured the Farnborough facility where she met the cyber experts who form part of the Lockheed Martin worldwide team.

She was particularly interested in the challenge of recruiting personnel with the appropriate skills to address cyber issues and also Lockheed Martin UK’s engagement with other parts of industry to deliver support for the Government’s national cyber strategy.

Ms Smith explained: “We take the threat from cyberspace very seriously and have launched the National Cyber Security Programme to bolster the UK’s cyber defences. Government can’t do this alone of course. Protecting our national security and safeguarding the public’s way of life hinges on building effective partnerships between government, law enforcement agencies, academia and the private sector.

“Lockheed Martin plays an important role in this partnership, utilising the expertise gained through the robust defence of its own networks.”

Paul Weatherly, managing director of Lockheed Martin UK Information Systems and Global Solutions - security, added: “The expertise developed in our Farnborough centre is vital in defending the Lockheed Martin network and is also valuable in supporting the UK Government and commercial customers in countering the growing cyber threat.”

The UK is Lockheed Martin’s largest international market. Headquartered in Central London, LMUK operates 17 sites and directly had around £1 billion in sales last year. The company and its UK supply chain sustain employment for more than 10,000 individuals dedicated to the security and well-being of the United Kingdom.

Minister meets Lockheed Martin Farnborough Cyber Experts

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