Merlin Training System


The Merlin Training System (MTS) or 'Merlin University' is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive training facility designed to train air and maintenance crews in the operation and support of the Merlin Weapons System.

Based at RNAS Culdrose, the purpose built Merlin Training Facility (MTF) contains a variety of media used for the training of Merlin Mk1 aircrew and maintainers. Under the Merlin Capability Sustainment Program (MCSP), many of these systems will undergo an update process to reflect the new Merlin Mk2 standard.

  • Weapon System Trainer - Offers weapon loading, landing gear flotation system maintenance and role fit training.
  • Mechanical System Trainer - Weighing in at eight tons, offers first-line corrective and preventive maintenance, fault diagnosis and Aircrew familiarisation.
  • Engine Part Task Trainer - Allows second-line maintenance and fault diagnosis training to be carried out at a modular level.
  • CCU/TSD/Part Task Trainer - The Common Control Unit / Tactical Situation Display / Part Task Trainer offers individual systems training for all the Merlin subsystems.
  • Computer Based Training - Sequenced CBT lessons, would normally be used by students as an introduction to Merlin, followed by self-paced theory modules, but can be used subsequently to reinforce any of the practical training elements.
  • Air Crew Trainers - These consist of a Cockpit Dynamic Simulator, a Cockpit Procedures Trainer, and three Rear-Crew Trainers.