Beginning in 1958 when Lockheed Martin built the first communications payload satellite (S.C.O.R.E), the company has been at the forefront of communications space systems design, engineering and service, having built, launched, deployed, and maintained more space platforms than any other company, including more than 100 commercial geostationary satellites.

Satcom-1, launched in 1975, was the first commercial geostationary satellite flown by Lockheed Martin. It was developed and operated by Lockheed Martin legacy company RCA. Satcom-1 was widely used by both cable and broadcast TV networks, allowing for the groundbreaking transmission of early cable television innovators. It was also the first satellite used by broadcast TV networks in the United States to distribute programming to some of their local affiliate stations. Since Satcom-1, Lockheed Martin commercial satellites have achieved more than 1,000 years of combined in-orbit operations.


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