Aircraft Systems Test Labs

The Aircraft Systems Test Labs consists of seven strategic capability areas: Airflow and Model, Fuel, Vehicle System, Combined Environments, Bird Impact, On-Aircraft Ground Tests, and Pressure and Explosives Tests. Testing includes full aircraft system, aircraft subsystem and aircraft component testing for performance and safety-of-flight and research and development. Combinations of testing capabilities are available at three Lockheed Martin Aeronautics sites.

Airflow and Model Tests
Airflow and Model Tests consist of equipment and expertise for performing airflow, aircraft environmental control system, small wind tunnel, and static inlet tests.

Fuel and OBIGGS System Test
The Fuel and Onboard Inert Gas Generation System (OBIGGS) test facility supports full-scale, systems level hardware and software testing in a laboratory environment. The facility also supports partial subsystem and component testing.

Vehicle System Test
The Vehicle System Test facilities provide fully integrated hardware-in-the-loop, pilot-in-the-loop platforms for system integration and test. The test facilities support component, subsystem, and full vehicle system integration.

Combined Environments
Combined Environments are used to support safety-of-flight and qualification tests and for troubleshooting of equipment that does not perform properly in the field.

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