Materials and Processes Labs

The Materials and Processes Labs consists of four strategic capability areas: Analytical Chemistry, Mechanical Test, Metals/Failure Analysis, and Nonmetals. Testing includes evaluating materials for corrosion, fuel, impact, wear, nondestructive, and environmental resistance. Determinations of fatigue, fracture, mechanical, durability, and thermo physical properties are made. Processing and fabrication include cleaning, bonding, sealing, joining, coating, forming, mixing, heat treating, and conditioning. Analyses include chemical, elemental, compound, metallurgical, fractographic, microscopic, image, and failure. Combinations of testing capabilities are available at three Lockheed Martin Aeronautics sites.

Analytical Chemistry
The Analytical Chemistry lab performs instrumental and traditional chemical and physical methods for qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Mechanical Test
The Mechanical Test lab administers test specimen and fixture design/build, test method development, and a variety of mechanical testing. Testing may be performed in static, fatigue, or fracture mechanics modes at low or high temperature or in corrosive, humidity-controlled, or other environments.

Metals/Failure Analysis
The Metals/Failure Analysis lab performs material characterization, image analysis, failure analysis, scanning electron microscopy, fractography, and nondestructive inspection.

Nonmetals capability evaluates adhesives, sealants, coatings (organic, inorganic, and elastomeric), rubber, plastics, chemical processes, surface preparations, fuel containment, and structural and nonstructural polymeric materials.

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