Wind Tunnel Test Group Facilities

Located in beautiful Marietta, Georgia, we are Lockheed Martin's home base for low speed wind tunnel testing. Since construction of the Low Speed Wind Tunnel in early 1966, we have had numerous customers come through our doors:

  • Lockheed Martin Test Programs: F/A-22, Joint Strike Fighter, F-16, C-130, etc
  • Automotive: NASCAR, production vehicles, Formula-1 race cars, NHRA, etc
  • Other: scale model tractor trailer, train, satellite dishes, drag chutes, etc

Our testing capabilities include:

  • Aerodynamic force and moment measurement (external and internal balances)
  • Acoustic testing
  • Jet-effects testing
  • CFD/modeling verification
  • Air data probe calibration
  • Inlet/propulsion integration testing
  • Ground-effects simulation and testing
  • Loads/pressure model testing
  • Aircraft component testing
  • Flow field surveys

We also offer high speed testing at our Compressible Flow Wind Tunnel, located next door. In the 30 years of its existence, we have done extensive testing covering a broad area:

  • Full-span models, 2-D airfoils, component testing
  • CFD/modeling verification
  • Aerodynamic force and moment measurement
  • Weapons bay cavity acoustic research
  • Air data probe calibration

Contact us to request a User’s Manual and Capabilities Profile or for more detailed information, including inquiries about acquiring test time in one of our tunnels.