P-3 Mid-Life Upgrade Program


Uninterrupted Service for an Additional 20-25 Years

The P-3 Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) Program is part of Lockheed Martin’s sustainment offerings and the only certified, low-risk and cost-effective solution to extend aircraft service life.

The P-3 MLU Program is the answer to maintaining effectiveness and reliability in a critical global economy. It consists of a life extension kit replacing the aircraft outer wings, center wing lower section and horizontal stabilizer with new production components. MLU removes all current P-3 airframe flight restrictions and provides 15,000 additional flight hours, greatly enhancing capability leveraged with cost-effectiveness. The design replaces all fatigue-life-limiting structures on the aircraft with enhanced-design components and new improved corrosion-resistant materials that will greatly reduce the cost of ownership over the aircraft’s remaining service life. This is an affordable solution that Lockheed Martin has proven can be installed in 11 months.

The MLU program greatly reduces the cost of ownership over the aircraft's extended service life and will help ensure the P-3 is mission ready for decades to come.

The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Difference – Proven Performance

The Lockheed Martin P-3 sustainment approach is proven. For example, data was collected by the Royal New Zealand Air Force on their fleet of P-3 aircraft before and after implementation of their mid-life extension program. The results showed more than a 58 percent decrease in maintenance hours and a 10 percent increase in aircraft flying hours. This is the OEM difference.



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