ATL Programs

Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories (ATL) is the Corporation's advanced-computing, applied research and development facility. We coalesce and transition innovation and domain expertise into operational applications for Lockheed Martin and the defense and government sectors. Building on a rich legacy of technological leadership, we harness evolving technologies to solve the most complicated computing challenges. Leveraging a robust internal research-and-development program, advanced academic research and government contracts, we aggressively pursue our customers' most critical objectives and meet their expectations with inventive, progressive, timely and cost-effective solutions and services. As part of Lockheed Martin, we combine a vast resource of domain expertise, concept application, and advanced computing savvy to create unique technology enablers for next-generation defense systems. At ATL, we push technology envelopes in advanced concepts, applied sciences, informatics, intelligent robotics, and spectrum systems.

Here are some of our current programs: