Weather Fans, Get Ready for More Accurate Weather Forecasts

Forecasting the weather is, as you know, a tricky business. Weather can change rapidly and often, and a random fluctuation somewhere can lead to big changes that spread across the globe.

Fortunately, for meteorologists—and the public—the newest member of our weather satellite constellation, GOES-16, formerly known as GOES-R, will soon be transmitting the best satellite data NOAA has ever had.

Launched November 19, GOES-16 is currently going through post-launch testing and final checkout. And once it goes live later in 2017, it will seriously upgrade forecasting timeliness and accuracy. 

To complete the four satellite constellation, GOES-S and GOES-T are slated for launch in 2018 and 2019 respectively, and the launch of GOES-U will extend the availability of these new satellites through 2036.

Yes, better weather forecasts are just around the corner— weather fans or not—this is exciting news.



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