Materials & Traffic

The Material & Traffic Center provides timely service to programs  and tasks through receiving, shipping, storing and moving parts/equipment. This center is equipped with state-of-the-art wireless mobile work stations, an automated storage and retrieval system and a compact storage system. Receiving, inspection, storage and shipping are located in the same area with lean inbound/outbound flow

Material and Traffic Career Roles 
Domestic Traffic:  Coordinates all inbound and outbound movement of materials via common carriers while ensuring compliance with Department of Transportation regulations.

Import/Export Traffic:  Responsible for international compliance of all import/export shipments. Lead for all offsite international traffic activity.

Inventory Control:  Responsible for maintaining the accuracy and integrity of the warehouse management and MRP inventory records.

Material Center Planning:  Support role for all planning associated with Material Center operations.

Supervisor:  Responsible for the daily operations in areas including receiving, stockroom, kitting, shipping and internal ransportation.

Material and Distribution Associate Manager:  Lead for traffic group support of all domestic and international shipments for Missiles and Fire Control.

Multi-Functional Material Distribution Manager:  Maintains oversight of the traffic and shipping areas and interfaces with corporate traffic. Assures traffic compliance for all of MFC in accordance with Department of Transportation regulations.

Material Center Senior Manager:  Overall responsibility for Material Center operations including receiving, shipping, traffic, Stockroom, kitting and internal transportation.