Lockheed Martin Experience

Lockheed Martin is returning to the 2012 USA Science & Engineering Festival as the presenting host and a major exhibitor. The timing is auspicious as we celebrate our 100th anniversary this year, marking a century since our pioneering founders – Glenn L. Martin and Malcolm and Allan Loughead – first incorporated their aircraft companies. Lockheed Martin's exhibits will explore the corporation's legacy of innovation, collaboration, and the evolution of advanced technology and exploration through interactive and hands-on experiences. Examples of the interactive presentations from Lockheed Martin that will be at the 2012 Festival include the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, Flight Simulators, and the Robot Raceway. These, and others which will be on display at the Festival, are designed to inspire the future engineers and technologists who may someday develop solutions that make a profound difference in our world.  

Science Festival Demostration
  Exhibit Description
F-22 Cockpit   The F-22 Cockpit Demonstrator is an immersive fighter jet simulator. Attendees can fly the airplane and land safely at an airport to experience the feeling of being a fighter jet pilot inside a full-working cockpit. Engineers will discuss the opportunities for future pilots, as well as the engineering aspects behing the simulation.
HIL   This exhibit will fully immerse visitors with the F-35 fighter jet in a virtual environment. The participants will wear a head-mounted display and will interact as virtual maintainer inside the F-35 weapon bay.
T-50 Trainer   The T-50 Cockpit Demonstrator is an immersive fighter jet simulator. It contains a full-working cockpit for each individual to experience the feeling of training like a fighter jet pilot. The simulation allows the individual to perform an afterburner take-off, fly the airplane, and land safely at an airport. Engineers will discuss the opportunities for future pilots, as well as the engineering aspects behing the simulation.
Environmental Booth   This exhibit will highlight several different models, displays, and Lockheed Martin technologies related to monitoring and understanding the environment, particularly as they relate to energy efforts. Highlights include:
  • The WindTracer model from Lockheed Martin's Energy Solutions Center, along with simple wind turbine models.
  • The Multitouch Executive Dashboard - Energy (MED-E), which can visualize many different types of grid data -- from power transmission lines to generation sources and the natural gas infrastructure of the US and European Union. It will be used as a centerpiece to discuss how real-time monitoring is important to alternative energy technologies.
  • A tornado display model built by a Lockheed Martin engineer, and a display which details how tornados work.
Mondo Spider vs. Titanoboa   From the same team that brought us the Mondo Spider at the Festival in 2010, Titanoboa is a 50 ft mechanical snake powered by solar panels. Look for these two exhibits outside the convention center.
Antarctica 2041 - Renewable Energy in Extreme Environments   An exhibition of renewable energy equipment that was tested in Antarctica, as well as video footage from the icy frontier.
Solar Decathlon   Hampton University will display its efforts to produce a sustainable living and universal design house for the 2013 Solar Decathlon.
OmniGlobe   The OmniGlobe is an eye-catching and enlightening display that projects a wide range of geographic imagery, from flood zones and oceanic currents to CO2 levels.
Nanotechnology Exhibit   The Nanotechnology Tube (nanotube) canopy will allow Festival-goers to explore a range of applications for nanotechnology.
BioBus   The BioBus pulls in electricity from the solar panels on the roof and the wind turbine mounted on the bumper, runs its engine on waste veggie oil collected from restaurant fryer grease, and provides heat with pellets made from compressed sawdust. It powers a mobile microscope research lab where more than 10,000 students every year explore bugs, bark, cells, particles, and more at up to 30,000 X magnification.
Electromagnetic Devices   Three radioactive and magnetic devices will be on display: an electrophorus, an electroscope, and a kelvin generator. The devices provide a clear way to communicate the fundamentals of physics.
Fun Exhibits LLC   This interactive public artwork exhibit requires people to work together through shared-control interfaces. This fosters a sense of community as strangers engage each other in cooperative play. These exhibits stimulate enthusiasm for science by activating the most powerful motivator for learning: natural human curiosity. This booth includes: a ferrofluid magnetoscope, an exhibition on interactive electrolysis and the hydrogen economy, and a pedal-powered bubble dance party.
Museum of Interesting Things   The Museum of Interesting Things is a traveling interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques and inventions inspiring innovation and creativity - learning from the past to create an inventive future. They will bring the following exhibitions...
  • Eureka! The Invention Show: Explores the industrial revolution and mechanical era as it relates to green energy and alternative power, with interactive demonstrations of such items as the steam engine, Thomas Edison cylinder phonograph, windup toys and mechanical inventions.
  • Can you hear me now? The Communications Show: Traces the evolution of inventions involving communication, including telegraphs, box wooden telephones, teletypes, wire recorders, crystal radios, pigeon post, cell phones and computers.
FIRST Robotics   FIRST Robotics Competition robots will take to the court, free throwing basketballs in a scaled-down Rebound Rumble challenge while FIRST Lego® League teams will compete in the Food Factor Challenge. Interact with the Lockheed Martin sponsored teams that engineered the robots and find out what it takes to build a functioning robot from scratch, and check out the simulcast of the FIRST Championships live from St. Louis.
Spirit of Innovation Award Winners: Electric Very Light Car team from West Philadelphia High School   The West Philly EVX Team from West Philadelphia High School Auto Academy, West Philadelphia, Penn., will display its Electric Very Light Car (EVLC). The EVLC is being prepared for commercial market and will set the standard for efficiency with electric vehicles.
Spirit of Innovation Award Winners: UTRApod team from Thomas Jefferson High School, Alexandria, Va.   This student team from Alexandria, Va., will demonstrate its ULTRApod, an underwater unit that uses turbines to harness hydrokinetic energy from a flowing river. Electricity generated by the turbines is then used to power an ultraviolet chamber that disinfects and purifies dirty river water.
Future Cities   The Future City Competition is a national, project-based learning experience where students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades imagine, design, and build cities of the future. Two student teams will present their projects in the Lockheed Martin exhibit space.
Science Olympiad   Science Olympiad student teams from the DC Metro area will demonstrate a variety of devices built for the Science Olympiad competition, including structures, vehicles, musical instruments and catapults. Science Olympiad team coaches will be on hand to share information with teachers and students.
MBSD   You've read about futuristic printing technologies. This booth will include an iPad game that allows students to construct 3D models of LM products and print them out to a 2Dprinter. The booth will include a 3D printer with continuous output to show how engineers can use them to rapidly prototype 3D electronic models.
Becoming Sustainable by Design   The mobile and interactive In the Zone display conveys how Lockheed Martin employees are committed to sustaining people, places and products to ensure the long-term viability of the Corporation. The four different zones, which include Sustainability, Environmental Remediation, Energy & Environment and Safety & Health (EESH), demonstrate how EESH considerations can be applied to everyday actions and business practices.

The display consists of a pop-up wall and four kiosks, which run interactive presentations and games. The F-35 Carbon Check Demo challenges participants to get the lowest carbon emissions when ordering parts for an F-35. At the conclusion of the game, Festival-goers can ask about how to make more sustainable decisions to reduce carbon emissions as well as costs.
Robot Raceway   Grab hold of your creative and competitive instincts as you design and program your own robotic race car and compete against your fellow students to see who can race past the finish line and capture the checkered flag first.
Mission Capabilities Powered by Cloud Computing   This demonstration features multiple critical missions that are powered by cloud computing, such as biometric-enabled identity management and emergency response and incident reporting. The identity management demonstration shows how Lockheed Martin can use biometrics to identify and authenticate people to special events, air ports, secure facilities and financial services, securely without compromising user privacy.

The emergency response and incident reporting demonstration shows how Lockheed Martin uses geospatial data to support crises management and humanitarian incidents. Festival-goers can see firsthand how cloud computing can reduce time to respond to crises on a global basis and provide real time situational awareness to first responders. Both demonstrations are engaging for a wide age range.
Cyber Security Exhibit: Cyber Security & You!   Festival-goers can participate in interactive sessions such as Email Flag Identification, Cyber Jeopardy, and other hands-on age appropriate activities.

Additionally, students will learn how Lockheed Martin delivers technology to customers while also learning about potential career paths in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
Helicopter Simulator   Soar through the skies of Washington, DC. This Lockheed Martin demonstration puts you at the hands of a helicopter. Pilot your way up, down, left, right, and spin your way through an aerial tour of our nation's capital.
Meet the Astronauts   Do you dream about becoming an astronaut? Come and meet our astronauts. Hear stories that will help you turn your dreams into reality. This special appearance will include: a speaker Q&A panel and an autograph signing.
Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle
  Come and see the next generation of space transportation, the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle. See the full size test capsule and how it was flown to test the emergency escape system that will ensure the safety of future astronauts.
Orion service module model and associated materials   Alongside the capsule you will see a scale model of the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle and service module like it will appear in space and see the progress Lockheed Martin is making toward Orion's first flight. You might even get a chance to fly the Orion Simulator and dock with the International Space Station.
Hubble Telescope Model   Have you seen those incredible images from space, taken by the amazing Hubble Space Telescope? Now is your chance to see a scale model of the Hubble and learn how it works.
Solar Display   Lockheed Martin-built spacecraft and instruments are giving scientists new insights into how the sun, the center of our solar system, works. See these exciting images and learn a little more about Earth’s brightest neighbor.