Heavy Duty


In an early episode of The Sopranos, when Uncle Junior warned Tony Soprano to “come heavy or not at all,” he could have been talking torpedoes. The U.S. Navy $37 million production contract award to Lockheed Martin for heavyweight torpedo upgrade kits is part of a fleet-wide five-year effort, and also supports foreign military sales of the kits to our allied navy partners in Canada and The Netherlands. And as the Navy begins to look at restarting the MK 48 torpedo line altogether, Lockheed Martin is proving it knows how to “come heavy.”

The Mod 7 Common Broadband Advanced Sonar System (CBASS) upgrade kit equips the heavyweight MK 48 with increased bandwidth and streamlined targeting and tracking capabilities. The kit includes a broadband analog sonar receiver, a guidance and control box, and a pre-amplifier. Translation: better detection, faster – in waters shallow or deep. “These upgrades dramatically enhance the performance and capabilities of the MK 48,” said Tom Jarbeau, Lockheed Martin program director.

The latest award is the largest MK48 CBASS FIR production contract Lockheed Martin has received, but it is not the first for the CBASS program. To date, the US Navy has awarded Lockheed Martin more than $70 million for functional item replacement kits, engineering services, spares and production support material. The MK 48 heavyweight torpedo weighs in at more than 3,500 pounds.

Posted August 30, 2013