Worth Exploring: Lockheed Martin to develop enhanced gravity sensors

Gravity Systems

ARKeX, a provider of non-seismic geophysical imaging services, recently awarded Lockheed Martin a multiyear contract to provide next generation Enhanced Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometer (eFTG) systems.

The eFTGs will offer a significant improvement in resolution over the current instrumentation and further enhance geological understanding. The improved resolution will be used to create new products and services for the natural resource exploration industry.

“Lockheed Martin is pleased to offer this next generation gradiometer, which will increase the capability to detect and characterize natural resources,” said Dr. James Archibald, gravity systems manager at Lockheed Martin’s Mission Systems and Training business.

Gravity gradiometry measures variations in the earth’s gravitational field and is a direct measure of the density distribution of the subsurface. The information can help build a picture of subsurface anomalies, which can then be used by natural resource exploration companies to more accurately target hydrocarbon and mineral deposits.

“We are really excited about this agreement,” said John Siegfried, ARKeX CEO. “The new eFTGs will help ARKeX cement its position as the global leader in gravity gradiometry surveying. We have being working with Lockheed Martin for a number of years, and we have been impressed by their professionalism, responsiveness and approach to pushing the boundaries of this exciting technology. This contractual agreement will not only benefit ARKeX and Lockheed Martin but the whole exploration industry.”

Lockheed Martin’s Niagara Falls, NY facility will develop the gradiometers for ARKeX. For more than three decades, the gravity systems team in Niagara Falls has provided the world’s only moving-base gravity gradiometer capabilities.

Posted December 2, 2013

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